piątek, 19 lutego 2016

Interview with Boka/ Ratos De Porão!

      My buddie Carlos James chooses only topnotch bands from Brasil. This time he chatted with Boka, Ratos De Porão's drummer and owner of Peculio Discos label. Enjoy!

      What, when and how was the first moment that you found yourself drowned in the rotting waters of the underground? When did you see that the everything was far bound form the things you were listening to at the time? What was your favorite record? What was your first gig ever?
      Well, i have some memories when i was kid, but when i started playing drums in a band (Psychic Possessor) in 1989, i was listening to music, tape trading, buyng records, getting fanzines from all over the world i felt i was making part of something special and it would last for life. Can´t remember my 1st shows, but probably some small home town band some better known brazilina bands were playing here, like Sepultura, Dorsal Atlantica, MX, Ratos de Porão (before i joined), Lobotomia, etc. Fisr record i bought was AC/DC "If you want blood...".

Ratos De Porão shreddin' on Obscene Extreme America 2013

środa, 17 lutego 2016

Interview with Rahi/ Insect Warfare!

      I was chatting with Rahi for some time and when the idea for making interview came up, both of us got excited, you can enjoy our conversation below.
      Everybody is stoked about Insect Warfare's exclusive show on Trutnov battlefield, everything goes smoothly, everybody talks about this. Recently Phil Anselmo appeared in all the headlines of extreme music community with his heritage and I need to admit, it's a heavy shit. This punk raised his arm in Nazi salute and yelled "white power" during his show with Dave Grohl, Robert Trujillo and Dave Lombardo at the Dimebash festival. Judgment days for metal community. He decapitated himself. I'm sure grindcore is not a place for shit like this, Nazi Punks Fuck Off! I decided to talk about this shit with Rahi, he didn't follow the news so closely, so I've sent him the link with youtube video. I just watched the clip, but couldn't make out the words. I'm pretty much sure we all agree, there is no place for hateful ideologies
in this world. Regardless. His actions are inexcusable and he should be accountable. I just know what he did was in bad form and people should react accordingly. He apologized, but some people in Poland remember his actions on the backstage of Metal Fest in Jaworzno, 2013. Obviously what he did is wrong and offensive to many people, but at the same time, we can't lose focus from real nazis and nsbm bands that are actually spreading nazi ideologies. I totally agree, Phil Anselmo is not the only one, his behaviour reminded us that Nazi ideologies are spreading around and its scale is quite big. We shall face it, we all should react.

Insect Warfare shreddin' on Maryland Deathfest 2007/ Pix shot by Returntothepit.com

czwartek, 4 lutego 2016

Interview with Frank Gold/ Cryptic Void/ Turbokrieg!

      hey Frank, I appreciate you've found some time for a chat with me. GCxGC buldozer is on the west coast tour. I noticed touring in States is not too safe, people try to kill you not only with gun, but also with monkey wrench. Unscrewing wheels is totally in Holywood style, Frank. What the fuck is going on in States brother, does it have something to do with Trump?
      Haha I'd like to wish it were so cut and dry as punks being nihilistic trump supporters for such heinous acts. It's hard to believe that any punks or grinders for that matter could follow and support such nonsense ideas and policies. So I don't think that's the case.
      Last year on the 2015 Midwest tour with Lycanthrophy, our van and trailer were sabotaged. One wheel being loosened and the trailer filled with our gear was as well loosened up as well, causing it to fall off the back of the van and slam into the bumper. Luckily no one was injured. With a little background info one can draw conclusions for themselves as to what happened.
      2005 in Baltimore Eric t Neal the singer of Turbokrieg was diagnosed with cancer. After months of treatment and radiation therapy, he was given a further evaluation that what he had was not life threatening cancer but a tumor that lives on his spine to present day. He then chose to take himself off the therapy to get back to a normal functioning life. However he still has seizures a few times a year because of this condition. While Eric was undergoing treatments and being sick, the punks in the scene in Baltimore at the time took it upon themselves to raise money for him to pay hospital bills. Which is great! After the fact he became non-terminal the kids in the scene there believed that it was all a scam and a lie. So they slandered his name as a cancer faker and a villain to the community. Eric never tried to defend his name. Do you blame him!? After being sick and away from shows and the whole scene for over six months he started to see that he was basically betrayed and felt that he didn't need to have these "friends" in his life. Obviously this is the long "short" version. But that's the gist of the story.
      After years of this going on Eric moves to Houston where he is welcomed with open arms by the GCHC crew of punks and grinders. Since Eric has been in Houston there have been many issues with bands that I am in and as well as other Houston bands that are affiliated with Eric in any way.
      On the Lycanthrophy tour we were 17 days in when mysteriously all the lug nuts on one tire came loose and the trailer fell off the back of the van. At first we thought it was a coincidence with the trailer, since that happened first. Then when the tire almost came off on the highway and we saw that the brake dust was freshly rubbed off, we knew it was connected and sabotage.
      I conclude as well as my band members that it wasn't a random act of mischief. There was $15,000 worth of gear and all of our merch money in the van when that happened. Surely any normal criminals would break in and steal all the valuable and priceless gear.
      I leave you to make your own assumptions.
      This is the crazy type of stuff that we deal with. Not to mention denying places to sleep on tour, boycotting shows, etc.... Just saying shit happens and it was a coincidence is highly unlikely. Being that we were in the city of Baltimore, MD.
Cryptic Void's rehersal on 4th of February 2016! pix shot by Kenny.