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Interview with Petri/ Feastem!

      hey Feastem, I think we should start with some serious questions. Please explain the idea for the vinyl labels on split 7 inch with Spanish grinders Teething. We both agree that the cover is a little bit "retard style". I get it and I love it, but I'm super curious why exactly Petri's face is located on Feastem's label?
      Hey EveryDayHate Blog, let’s do just that! The labels were Luis' (from Teething) idea. Teething has a tradition of putting funny pictures of it’s members on the labels of their vinyl releases and he thought it would be fitting that we do the same for this one. Apparently my face was the dumbest picture he could find from our Facebook so there it is, for all to enjoy, haha! I was going to try and find more pics so we could’ve had our entire band there but then life happened and I didn’t have the time. So now it’s just me.
      Personally I think your 3 songs from split with Teething are the best. While listening to them, I feel that you're older musically, well-concidered and less chaotic. Feastem has become more readable and recognizable. You go forward not only in my opinion, your last album got so many badass reviews. What is your motto - working hard and playing harder?
      Thanks for your kind words! I think the new stuff is going to differ a bit from our previous releases since Antti is no longer in the band. He wrote a lot of our older material and had a very unique style of writing that definitely made the “Feastem sound”, if you will. After he left, we’ve had to come up with a new approach to writing. We used to do everything over the internet since all of us lived in different cities. Now me, Olli and Pate all live in Helsinki and Niko lives only 2 hours away so it makes things a little easier for us. Olli has been responsible for coming up with the skeletons for the new songs and for the first time ever since I’ve been in the band, we actually jammed and finished the new songs together in the rehearsal room. We also recorded everything ourselves and took a little bit more organic approach to the whole thing and I think it really shines through on the split. Olli has tons of new tunes in the pipeline and we’re going to start finishing the new album as soon as possible! We haven’t really been a hard working band, living all over Finland has been an obstacle in that sense but I think that’s going to change now. As for playing, we always play HARDEST!!!
Feastem shreddin'/ pix shot by Rokas Milius/ fifty fifty photography

       When you write lyrics, you draw the inspiration from humans stupidity and greed that change daily life of random people into horror. I believe you've heard news about so many fucked up things that happened last month around the globe and are still happening. It's really frustrating that humans don't learn from mistakes and don't draw any conclusions for the present.. It's important to speak out about it, underground bands have done it since forever and how about you? Do you think you're able to change anything? Whom would you like to reach and what effect would you like to achieve?
      Well, everything you said hit the nail on the head. I believe that everything we say catches on and changes the world in the most microscopic ways. I think it’s important that we voice our opinion, otherwise the only ones that get their voices heard are the people with the most money, power and control of the media. I know that for the most part, our music and lyrics are heard by people that already think the same way but I guess the point is to make sure that we keep alive an idea that there are people that share the same kind of world view, a view that’s not conforming to the values of money, cheap entertainment, bigotry etc etc. As much as I’d like it, the "common people” are not going to listen to Feastem or any other grindcore record and go: “Oh, I’ve never thought about the world like that, maybe I should re-assess my values” but at least I’ve had the opportunity to talk about things that piss me off or are important in some way and maybe someone, somewhere gives it a minute of his or her time and goes: “Yeah, that’s right, this is a fucked up world but maybe I can do something about it!"
Feastem shreddin'/ pix shot by Rokas Milius/ fifty fifty photography
      Did you survive your last European tour with Cut To Fit? Who was protecting the bus with shotgun, especially in Czech Republic? I noticed you start working with Luuk from Doomstar booking agency and Bloody Juice Entertainment - does it mean that you're going to tour and play at the festivals more offen?
      Yes, we did survive, and how triumphantly! Cut To Fit were such nice dudes to tour with, the reception at the shows was amazing… Probably the best tour we’ve ever had. This time we made sure we parked in mega-safe spots in Czech Republic, I don’t think we could’ve survived another stolen vehicle, haha!!! Actually, we are not on Doomstar’s roster anymore, not for a while now. They are growing so fast and we’ve been a little bit bubbling under in the last few years. Bloody Juice Entertainment booked the Cut To Fit tour for us and he did a splendid job with it so I think we’re going to work with him more in the future. I certainly hope we can get onto more festivals and tours in the coming year, we’ll see! Festivals, get in touch!
      I remember your first tour with The Arson Project and your show in Krakow at Mosh It Up Festival. It was real fun, I remember your old vocalist, Kari, got lost in the venue and has been found sleeping under the piano on backstage right? Did you manage to catch the ferry the next day? Do you still party hard?
      Yes, from what I’ve heard, that’s exactly what happened! I think they made the ferry the next day. Yeah, we party every now and then, haha! I think for the most part we’re pretty chill though. But given the right circumstances, Finnish magic might happen...
Feastem shreddin'/ pix shot by Rokas Milius/ fifty fifty photography
      Now your all albums are available, distributed and promoted through one of the most well known worldwide grindcore label based in Czech Republic - Obscene Production. Such a great support from the label surely let you focus on more important things like practicing, touring etc... Can I say you're lucky? What is the most important things that you expect from the label you work with?
      Yes, we’ve definitely been lucky to be able to work with Obscene Productions, I wish we would have been able to fully realize all the opportunities. Feastem has been a weird band until now, we’ve all lived spread out across Finland, we’ve hardly ever rehearsed but still managed to release a bunch of records and tour every now and then. In 2016, we’re going to work on making things more focused and start actually working more like a “normal” band. You know, rehearsing and shit… I think the most important things for a label would be enthusiasm and willingness to promote the bands.
      Petri, how the hell did it happen that you made "Additional Drunken Trollish Shouting" on of the Finntroll's albums?
      Haha, you’ve done some background checking on me! Finntroll guys are old friends of mine and I was hanging out / getting wasted with them in the studio back in 2007 when they were recording “Ur Jordens Djup” so I ended up doing some bits on the record. Fun / drunk times!
Feastem shreddin'/ pix shot by Rokas Milius/ fifty fifty photography
      What is your opinion about grindcore these days? Playing fast, loud and short songs is enough? It's a good time to ask you guys about your top 3 albums of 2015, surprise me!
      Grindcore these days still makes me feel all funny in the pants, so much good stuff coming out. Much love to everybody still making fast, loud and short songs! I think my favourite grind albums of 2015 were Faršas - "Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga”, Full Of Hell + Merzbow LP and Teethgrinder - “Misanthropy”. As for everything else, man, there was so much interesting new music released, I had a hard time trying to keep up with everything! I can’t give you a top 3, that would be too hard but here’s a top 10 list of cool records in the order they came to mind:
1. Shape of Despair - “Monotony Fields”
2. Cattle Decapitation - “The Anthropocene Extinction”
3. Björk - “Vulnicura”
4. Pinkshinyultrablast - “Everything Else Matters”
5. Xibalba - “Tierra Y Libertad”
6. Steve Von Till - “A Life Unto Itself”
7. David Lynch & Marek Żebrowski - “Polish Night Music”
8. Dragged Into Sunlight + Gnaw Their Tongues - “N.V.”
9. Verneri Pohjola - “Bullhorn”
10. Limewax - “Always & Never”.

Cover art for split 7 inch w/ Teething
      For the end of our conversation, please let us know how the grindcore freak breakfast looks alike. I wish you many good shows and badass records in 2016. Thank you.
      It looks a lot like orange juice, 100% rye bread with cucumber, bell pepper and vegan chorizo on top, oat yogurt and random fruit. Porridge with blueberries is also good. Thanks for the interview, it was a pleasure! All the best for you and all the grindcore sickos worldwide in 2016! Stay positive and remember that greed will be the destruction of this world as we know it. Cheers!!!

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