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Interview with David/ Teething!

      Hello guys, this is Zoli from Blast fanzine/ EDH grindblog, Hungary. Thank you for this interview. Can you introduce your band; who is who, how did you create Teething? For how long are you been in the music industry, what other bands and side-projects do you have or had in the past?
      Hey Zoli, thank you for having us! At the moment we are three out the four members that started the band: Álvaro plays drums, Luis hangs from the ceiling and I (David) play bass and do backing vocals. It’s been around two months now that we have been working with Antonio to fill in for guitars. He used to play in Hybrid. Teething was created out of angst and boredom in the Summer of 2011. Álvaro and I have been playing for over ten years together now. We used to play in a noise project that lost a few members so we couldn’t really keep going. Perfect timing cause we were anxious to build something angrier and more raw. Just more aggressive. Which happened to be TEETHING after a couple of jams with the former guitarist, Charlie and Luis on the mic.
Teething shreddin'/ pix shot by Antonio Tilyudai/ http://www.tilyudai.com/

      What is the reason you got into grindcore and crust? What was the first album you bought and did it have any influence on you becoming a musician? Which bands have influenced you and made you come to the grind scene?
      We all come from hardcore and metal somehow. Before TEETHING, we felt we lacked some kind of aggressiveness in the songs and on stage so we started growing that desire for something more “real”. Something raw and dirty but also strong and powerful. Grindcore seemed to be the answer. I’m not sure about the other guys, but sadly I can’t remember the first album I bought. I do remember though, sneaking into my older brother’s room when he was out of the house. I looked at every tape he had and pick up one and make a quick copy for myself. He was a metalhead, so there was no grindcore at all. One of the first ones I remember “stealing” was Metallica’s Kill ‘em all. It was a pirate copy he had so I remember looking at the blood stain (which was photocopied in b&w) and wondering what the fuck was that on the cover. Looked like a ghost or some shit. Later on, I saw an original full color copy and finally figured out it was just a bloodstain. My influences vary a lot. I started off with some metal, but I got really into 90s punk and hardcore in my teen years: Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands of all time. From there, I just got darker and darker into heavier music: Converge, World Burns to Death, Looking for an Answer, etc.
      Where is the idea of the name, Teething from? I hope it isn’t coming from a failed blowjob experience or from bad memories by the dentist… So please share with us the secret of the name!
      Haha, It’s not, but It would have been fun. We tried a thousand names, but all of them were taken. In the end we wanted something with “teeth” in it. TEETHING fits good. The process in which a kid starts growing teeth and screams and cries like crazy. Kind of defines our music.
      Maybe it is a silly question, but what can Teething offer that is different from the other grindcore/ crust bands in your opinion? Is it a thing you're think about at all?
      First off, we don’t consider ourselves a crust band. Lot of people do, but we didn’t really aimed for that. Someone said once we make hardcore grind, and I feel like it’s accurate. We play grindcore, but you can see the 90’s hardcore in almost every song. Nothing new about it though. What maybe we can offer that not every other band does is that we play every show as a last show. We put a lot of energy in every song, in every show. A lot of times I feel like some bands just get onstage and play with no energy.
cover of split w/ Feastem
      I’m really excited since I’ve heard the first infos about your upcoming split with the mighty Feastem. How did you get in contact with this crazy finnish guys, where is the idea of this split from?
      We saw them live in Madrid touring with Kill the Client and they ripped the place apart. It was unbelievable. Then they came to see us play in Finland. We got along and have been talking every now and then for a couple of years. We just talked about putting out a split together and everybody was on board. We couldn’t be more excited. They are a great band and people!
      In terms of writing and recording, did you try anything different on this split release with Feastem?
      Totally. We have been looking for someone who understands our sound and can put it on a record. No luck until this release. We recorded at Kollapse Stvdio, with Iván (ICTVS and KHMER guitar player). The experience was really good and it turned out to be our best sound yet. You’ll see!
cover of The Map Says We're Fucked CD
      The split will be released by Everydayhate Records, spanish Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, and L'Inphantile Collective from Czech Republic. What are your feelings about working with that labels? I think, apart from the current situation of the music industry, the independent underground labels are still important to keep the scenes alive, do you agree with that?
      Of course. We have been releasing a lot of stuff since we started this project in 2011. We couldn’t have done it without the help of every single underground label involved. Especially with Javi from Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records from Barcelona, who has been supporting and helping us out from the start. Independent labels are key to underground grindcore bands. They nurture the scene with new bands that the industry doesn’t care about and encourage them to keep doing what they love by giving them this opportunity. This is our first time working with L’Inphantile Collective and EveryDayHate, but I’m sure everything will run smooth. We met Andy from EveryDayHate in Krakow last Summer when we played at his label fest. He was really nice and helpful and we couldn’t be happier that he got into the release! Also, can’t wait to get back to Poland.
cover of Ralph 7"EP
      And what about the physical formats (vinyl, cd, tape) is it important to release your music in this forms? I can not imagine myself listen to grindcore from Spotify, iTunes or from the other shits… Are you maybe record collectors too?
We are, yes! We love cratedigging and looking for records at second hand vinyl stores, distros at shows, etc. Since we are collectors and we care about how you are supposed to listen to music we put a lot of effort in putting out nice stuff for collectors. In TEETHING we usually work hard on good looking editions, extra patches inside the sleeve, long booklets, posters… We usually try to please the collector, because that is what we want our favorite bands to do too. Long live the vinyl.
      Please tell me about the Spazz tribute, called „Spazzin To The Oldies”. It is s still hot, just released now. What does Spazz means to you personally, why did you choosed their song "Gas X"? Which other covers did you enjoy the most from that tribute?
      SPAZZ started doing what’s in fashion today. All the powerviolence movement you see today would be so different without them. Respect to a classic. About the song, we love GAS X, but to be honest it wasn’t our first choice! We chose like two others before, but other bands picked them first. So we had to go with this one. And actually I’m glad, cause I think it turned out fucking good and aggressive. Oh, Purge, Gets Worse and Chiens did great!
cover of 12" split w/ Ravage Ritual
      Actually, you have a compilation cd, called „The Map Says We're Fucked”. This title sounds really pissed off, so can you explain to me what kind of thoughts were you guided by; when you choosed that one? Or it is simply a good summary of a kind of "fuck off and die" attitude? Tell me about your lyrics too.
      The title for the CD comp comes from one of the A Nightmare On Elm Street movies. You will have to watch them all to figure out which one! Luis is the one writing every song’s lyrics. They usually talk about things that pisses him off. Some childhood nostalgia comes out sometimes.
      Broken Teeth was the very first song you ever wrote, as you mentioned in the cd booklet. Was it easy to write this song? It was maybe at your first practice? Can you tell us a little bit about how the writing process usually works for you guys?
      First songs have this thing where it’s hard cause you are still looking for a concrete sound. But it’s also easy cause you are full of ideas. Sometimes you feel like you gave everything away after a while, and it’s hard to come up with something new. For the writing process, it’s usually our drummer that sings a riff to us and we try to put it into chords. From then it’s all trial and error basis. And keep going till it bleeds. We don’t really have a formula or anything.
cover of Anaconda 3"EP
      Actually you have a song called Teethgrinder, is it dedicated to the guys from The Netherlands or just coincidence? You had a tour with them, including Obscene Extreme festival, where I saw you. How do you remember that show, and how was the tour with Teethgrinder? How do you feel after you came back home?
      It was a total coincidence. Actually I think the song came out before they started playing. Not sure. Touring with them was really good. We helped each other with some shows through the tour and joined forces to make it happen. We met them personally at Incubate Festival in Tilburg a year ago. It was through this past tour though that we bonded. So sad tours has to end. But we got so many good memories about it! OEF was a blast. Playing there was great as we never saw so many grindcore guys put together. The night before we drove overnight after playing ZORO in Leipzig. We were scheduled to play OEF at around lunch time. So we played Leipzig the night before and hit the road to get to Trutnov. No sleep. We had an hour nap at the hostel before playing. We were exhausted but It was one of the most aggressive, fun shows we have ever played. I hope we can come back one day.
      The release of "Ralph" 7" is pretty special with this maggot-infested etching, it looks really killer! Tell me please every important about this release! By the way, who is Ralph, is he a real, existing person?
      Ralph is our second EP, but we released a bunch of stuff in between the first EP and this one. So there is a lot of differences sound wise. Style and artwork remains close, if not improved. It was supposed to be a split 7”, but in the end we decided to put it out as an EP. B side was empty, so we came up with the idea of putting a cool etching. Ralph is a person’s name and also refers to the act of vomit, so it just made sense to us.
Me and Teething on EveryDayGrind VII
      You have a split with Ravage Ritual, and with Besta from Portugal. Are you maybe friends from a long time with them, how this split releases came to be?
      We are really good friends with Ravage Ritual. We contacted each other thanks to Jon Imbernon (a spanish promoter based now in Finland). The whole split idea was conceived as an excuse for touring together. Split turned out great and the tour was even better. Something similar happened with Besta. We played together one night and got together the morning after for breakfast. We decided to put out a cassette split. Paulo, Gaza and Pedro (former singer) are really nice people and we see each other from time to time.
      Spain has tons of really good bands, like Disturbance Project, Rageous Intent, Ras, Nashgul, Looking For An Answer, Haemorrhage, Wormed, and the list is endless.. are you maybe in a good relationship with all of them? What is your opinion about the spanish scene?
      I don’t know them all personally, but we are good friends with LFAA, Nashgul, Ras, Rageous Intent… Most of them are experienced people that has been around for a long time. Respect. I don’t think there is a scene but there are good bands around. I’d like to have a way longer list of grindcore bands in Spain but you can’t push that. That’s something that happens organically. Sometimes for whatever the reason a few new bands rise up and there is a feeling that something good is happening. It changes every few years, though.
Teething shreddin'/ pix shot by Antonio Tilyudai/ http://www.tilyudai.com/

      What do you feel is the most challenging part about being an artist in Spain with this kind of extreme music?
      You call your own challenges and how far you want your band to go is something that you choose. No matter what your country is or what you are aiming for, you will have to work for it. A lot.
      Have there been any new albums from other artists that you’ve heard and really liked recently? And what are your all-time favorite artists and albums?
      Twitching Tongues’ “Disharmony” is one of my favorite new releases these days. ACXDC’s last LP is fucking good too. I know it’s not really new but I got to carefully listen to it recently. “All your majestic Bullshit” by Despise you is also a nice one. I didn’t expect it to be that good but it’s a grind lesson from a classic band.
      We are coming to the end. Finally, what are your future plans, are you working on maybe a full-length album, or planning to do another tours? Can we expect a Teething live gig in Hungary?
      We are writing a full-length that we plan will be out sometime in 2016. A few new releases are coming out really soon: the feastem/ teething split on vinyl and tape. The SPAZZ comp in vinyl. Our discography so far on tape. So keep your eyes peeled, we have some new things coming out!We are also thinking about touring Europe again, yes. So expect a call from us anytime. We would love to make it to a few new places this time. So, see you soon and thanks for this (long!) interview! It was cool to answer new questions for a change!

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