piątek, 11 grudnia 2015

Interview with Attila & Szilárd/ Alea Iacta Est!

      I'm very excited about this interview, Zoltan/ Blast fanzine did a great job as always. But for me it's sentimental, I guess I know Tomi/ bass player of Alea Iacta Est since 2002/ 2003. We met in Czech Republic many times, because I was traveling around diy grind shows/ festivals there a lot then, I was even living in Ostrava for some time. It's good to know that he is playing in such a great band. I'm not going to cry now, it's time for interview and grind, play this fuckin' loud: https://aleaiactaest.bandcamp.com

      Although the hungarian grinders could already read a long interview with you in the Posthuman fanzine, I’d like to start again with the origins of Alea Iacta Est. So tell me please everything about the beginning, when and how has the band started, how did you get together, and how the lineup has changed over the years?
      Szilard: Yes, we started to play in September 2005, this is the official beginning of the band. Although we had some rehearsals before that as well, but these were more about learning to play the instruments, trying out some cover songs and making some own stuff on guitar and bass. Attila wrote some lyrics and we tried to put together our first two songs. We played without drums, so at the same time we were looking for a drummer, who loves fast and rude music. Than we found Sanyi, who was playing in a local punk band called KARAK and we made our first real rehearsal. Pityu came with him to try out his guitar and it worked very well together, so it was clear that we want to continue in this line-up: so, Sanyi (drums), Pityu (guitars), Attila (vocals), Lapi (bass) and Szilard (guitars). After two years in 2007 Lapi decided to leave the band and next two years we played without bass until Tomi from INCURABLE joined us. We play in this line-up up to now.

Alea Iacta Est shreddin'
      How did you get in contact with crust and grindcore? What were the very first grindcore and crust records in your life, and what was your first thought on hearing such an extreme music?
      Szilard: I think after listening much punk music E330 was the band which really turned my attention to this kind of music. (Unfortunately, they’re not playing since many years.) Then I started to look for another similar bands and I started to collect them. My first crust-grind records were ROT, ULCERRHOEA, FUCK THE FACTS, HUMAN ERROR, JACK, ANOTHER WAY, ATTACK OF RAGE, AD ACTA, IDIOT’S PARADE, the PUBLIC and many others.
      Attila: E330 from Komárno was also a key point in my grindcore life! I saw them to perform in an old club before many years and it totally kicked my ass then. The rudeness and the power of their music carried me with itself! After that I was really into aggressive music, I was searching for new bands, genres, records, zines etc. I also remember my first vinyls ever: it was only few things which I ordered from Dr. Slayer: an Agathocles / Din Addict 7” and a Human Error / System Shit lp…. And with this ordering my love to vinyls had also began!