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Interview with Robbie/ The Kill!

It's time to chat with Robbie Polzella, former and guitar player of Australia’s premiere grindcore act, The Kill.

      hey Robbie, do you know that I miss you? Seriously. I'm really glad we've met on your first Europen tour, hang out in Krakow and just had a great time. Could you summarize Violence Over Europe 2014?
      Stop it Andy... I'm starting to get all teary. I can't thank you enough mate. You all did so much for us and we love ya! Those Polish Dumplings were to die for! "Fuck off to Krakoff"
      Violence over Europe 2014 was an absolute blast mate. The people, bands, food, Beer, places/ history, and shows were all incredible. Our first Euro show "PLAY FAST FEST" in a Czech Hanger... Speechless! And to then play "OBSCENE"... Fuck me! We were blown away. We'll never forget it Andy. Huge thanks to Curby, Otto, Ondra, you and everyone involved with organising our shows... Absolute Legends! 
THE KILL shreddin' in Krakoff/ pix shot by Justyna Kamińska
      I have a feeling that you like going straight to the point, The Kill is about violence, killing, worshiping devil himself, unhuman fast blastbeats and there is no place for bullshit. You're some kind of dinosaur, because not many like you left. You're on the same path for a long time, how do you feel about this, are you more noticeably now than ever?
      Ha! Devil worship? Nooooo, far from it! I have always tried to base THE KILL on straight up violent music. But I like to still hear all the riffs, drums and vocals. As long as it's dirty! Personally I think having lyrics in grindcore goes a long way. A vocalist shouting or screaming abuse and not just making silly noises makes the music much more aggressive, brutal and in your face. Not everyone into grind would agree... I'm getting old, I know Andy.. But never EVER will we slow down.
Yes, THE KILL has a much larger fan base overseas now. It was pretty much after "Make 'Em Suffer".... It's awesome!

      I like reading The Kill reviews, people comes with such brillant things as: "ultimate bridge between grindcore and extreme black metal", "they’ll fucking annihilate you live", "nineteen minutes of pure, unadulterated grind and thrash"... and my favorite "foaming hardcore punk sadism". To me it's all about punk and of course I agree with all those statements. But your the boss - your write music and bring all the ideas, so what's your opinion? 
      I couldn't be happier. The feedback on "KILL THEM...ALL" has been overwhelming and some of the quotes people are using to describe THE KILL are hilarious. You're %100 correct mate. Grindcore is pretty much Punk on speed. Jay uses a single pedal, this alone is a huge statement for our band. No triggers, or double kicks. But I'm not denying my roots, nor Jays. We both fucking love our metal. And at the moment I think a combination of 80's thrash based riffs and grind over blast beats with Nik's abuse is just working so damn well.
Single pedal metal, Jay in action!
      I like the way you're playing bands cover songs, you've done some of Slayer, Anthrax, Naplam Death, Regurgitate and Black Flag. It's easy to recognize that it's The Kill version, it's definitely not boring and doesn't sound like the original one. Is it your way of covering songs? Session for Black Flag cover was much different, "reinterpretation" of Black Flag album “Damaged” was done by famous Janos PC from Goatsound, btw I love your version ahahhaha
      You got sucked in darling... Anthrax lyrics only, not music.. Ha! Just like we did with Judas Priest on 'Make Em Suffer' and Guns 'n Roses on 'The Soundtrack to Your Violence', Metallica lyrics on our split EP with Mortalized, and more to come... As for Black Flag, at first I was hesitant because they have way too many happy riffs, complete opposite to what I like... But it worked. Ha! 

      Goatsound Studios is run by Jason PC Fuller, Blood Duster's bass player. I guess recording studio is like your second home and I noticed this one where you work at is fuckin' pro from the beggining. I just saw many photos on Jason's profile when he builds this. Your albums sound more than good, sounds unique, so I believe you are going to keep working with Jason. Is it easy to cooperate with another grindcore freak?
      Yes, Fuller is very easy to record with, but mixing on the other hand can be extremely painful. Trying to nail a half decent KILL mix can drag on forever, due to his lack of enthusiasm. I’m sure this could have a lot to do with him being overweight and having an extremely heavy overgrown neck. It must be so frustrating! Silver sadly doesn't listen to grindcore anymore, he’s at a stage where he can’t even lift up his head to head bang due to the amount of weight under his chins, constantly pulling his head into a downwards position… I really feel for him. But putting that aside, overall thumbs up to 'Triple'. He's done a shit load for THE KILL and I would highly recommend “GOATSOUND STUDIOS” for recordings.
THE KILL shreddin' in Richmond, Virginia/ pix shot by Will Butler

      The Exorcist appeared on the big screen in 1973, people were not only awestruck but physically and psychologically terrified at what they witnessed in film. The Soundtrack To Your Violence, Make 'Em Suffer, Kill Them...All, Speed Freak Killer are random titles of The Kill records and I see Linda Blair in her best role as Regan on almost every cover, is it your main inspiration? Or Regan fits just perfectly to the soundtrack of your violence?

I don't really know why we have always used Regan and Cheryl on our artwork. I guess it just works. Front cover concepts and titles have always been a head fuck!

Pierre de Palmas/ Braindead zine made for you many cover arts. Did he make the art for split w/ Birdflesh for the first time? Is he also grindcore freak and into The Kill tunes? Did you give him any ideas what you want or expect from the cover or just the title and music?
Jay/ The Kill 2015, photo by Robbie I gues.
      The Birdflesh split EP was Pierre's first KILL art. What a genius ai? And so enthusiastic unlike Triple. But as for cover concepts, Ive basically given Pierre a rough idea on what we want, he then always comes up with something much better using ideas from our lyrics and song titles. An Incredible artist brain. 

      Jay is the guy behind The Kill's drum kit from the beginning, is he your friend from the yard? Have you listened to Scum album together and started The Kill? Nik is young blood in the band, moreover he is multi-instrumentalist and great vocalist, you're surrended by so good people Robbie. If I'm wrong, correct me but I think it's the best The Kill line up that has ever been. What's next, have you already started working on new songs?
       Jay and I have been hanging out for years now. We first started OPEN WOUND in 1997 with Jay on vocals. After a few years that fell in the shit and we decided to continue jamming with him back on drums and started THE KILL in 2000. As a young teen I used to watch Jay drum in HEADS KICKED OFF. Back then I was playing bass in a pop punk band called SILPHEED and he was already blasting away on his single pedal. Fucking legend!
      Yes.... Nik formally known as 'Fresh' was our biggest incentive to keep THE KILL alive. It was a difficult task trying to find a new front man. But when Niklas came to rehearsal... He tore the roof down. I couldn't be more happier with the current KILL line up. We're a little happy grind family.)
      Yes... I have a shit load of newies composed. Hopefully a new album and a couple of splits EP's. Jay only has a few more to catch up on and then we can send all demoed tracks over to Nik to do his thing. This time we're not being pressured to write an album and its sooooooo much easier. We tried our hardest to get 'Make Em Suffer' out before the USA tour in 2011 that failed and then the same thing happened with 'Kill Them... All' before EURO 2014. Hopefully we have this next one out for late 2016. Expect nothing but.

Nik/ The Kill 2015

      Blast as fuk is your label, you released many great albums, working with Captain Cleanoff, Internal Rot, P.L.F., G.O.D., Fuck I'm Dead, Super Funny Happy Slide and many more. How did you make a decision to release this or other album? What are your next plans?
       I've been very fortunate to have released some of the greatest grind on the market. I only work with bands I love. Hopefully next in line: CHRIST CRUSHER, MELLOW HARSHER, MORTALIZED, ROSKOPP, FIEND, THE KILL, WADGE, BHOC & OPEN WOUND. And waiting on the thumbs up from... EXCRUCIATING TERROR, ASSUCK and a few others.
      I hope interview was not too long for you? I'm asking because you've already admitted you don't want a long one and all your other interviews that I've read were short as fuck. Don't you like to talk to people and share things that you're passionate about? When I've met you for first time you couldn't stop talking, doing jokes and funny things, so I'm just curious what I get from you ahahhahah
      Not really mate, just busy with everything else... So I much prefer a short questionnaire. Thanks again Andy!!!

Robbie/ The Kill 2015

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