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Interview with Gerardo/ Disturbance Project!

Zsiga Zoltán/ Blast Fanzine did another interview, this time with Gerardo Fernandez, bass player of Spanish Disturbance Project/ Rageous Intent. I know Gerardo since 2003, we meet on Obscene Extreme Festival right after his show with Denak. I can tell you, he's a seriously grindcore head and very good friend! Andy EDH

      Hello guys, my name is Zoli, welcome to the pages of Blast fanzine, from Hungary. How are you, are you ready to answer some questions? Do you like answering interviews? Did you prepared some beers and nice music to this chat?
      Hi! Gerardo here. Always ready to answer an interview!!!!Unfortunatelly I'm at job, so no beer and I guess our clients won' t like to listen our music....

      I’ve seen Disturbance Project live in Budapest (Hungary) in April, 2015; on tour with Rageous Intent. How do you remember that show, and the place (Showbarlang)? Unfortunately the audience wasn’s so big, but I hope you had a good time in Hungary.
      It was our second time in Budapest, first was in a 2010 tour. The venue was really great!, but I guess too big for a band like us, haha! In 2010 we played in a smaller place with a total crazy crowd. They made human pyramids while we were playing!!! This time we expected some like that too, but there were no pyramids for us...anyway was great and I can renognize some people who was in the 2010 gig too!

      This was the first time when you met the guys from Alea Iacta Est? How long was this tour, how much gigs did you do with them?
      We just tour for a week in Czech, Slovakia and that show in Hungary. AIE played 3 shows with us and they really killz! They are an awesome good band and nice guys too! we play 3 dates with them in the middle of the week and they have to drive back home everyday to work early each next morning! We really apreciate it. Hopefully they will be on tour next year in Spain and it will be great meet them again!
Disturbance Project shreddin'

      Did you enjoy the show of the first band, S.O.T.E.(Scum Of the Earth) from Hungary?
      I love grindcore so YES, we loved them!! That day they make an inmense show even without bass player, so I guess when they play with the complete lineup they will kill twice!!! Btw: Boys dont make bands without bass player; that is for pussies!

      Did you already do such bigger tours outside Spain in the past? Do you like touring, and playing live?
      Yes, we have make many tours, but never longer than 12 days. Last years with this line up we made this tour and other 2: one in England and one in Eastern Germany. All these just one week long... Families, jobs and that stuff make impossible do it longer. We also have tour several times in the past, most of the times in Germany with shows in Czech Rep....Also Sweeden, Denmark and Norway. We like travel with the bands and meet people around like us. Sometimes its hard, but I m ansious to do our next tour in 2016!

      You guys have probably been asked many-many times about this, but I'm afraid I have to do: how did the story of Disturbance Project started? What is the connection to Denak and Rageous Intent? Gerardo was playing in all of the mentioned bands, right? What is the current line-up of Disturbance Project?
      Hahaha! Dont worry: In 2001 Alvaro and Juan(Denak drummer) had a thrashcore band with other guy. When the other guy was not at practice room they played some grind just for fun. Then I played in Denak too and at that time had a lot of free time so I joined them. At the beginning sometimes we try to do it with a drummachine some days, then next day we do it with real drums...u know, doing it just for fun, all of us had other bands at that time. Then in 2002 Juan let Denak and he definitelly play drums for DxPx. Another friend called Raúl join us for vocals, and with this line up we made 3 recordings during 2003-2004. At that year Denak passed away, so we have all the free time for DxPx. Also we kicked Raul and use as vocalist to Jaime. We keep this line up till 2009, when Jaime let the band. With this line up we start to play shows in 2005. Then Dylan, a guy from Ohio who was in Spain for a year join us during 2010 and we made several shows here in Spain and a 10 dates tour in Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Dylan went back to US, and in 2011 Kristo took his place during some months. In autum of that year we decided stopped with Juan as a drummer and we stopped with the band too. At that time I started with Rageous Intent and Kristo join us. Then one year later Alvaro and me decided to start again with Distur with a new drummer called Nico. Kristo now was with me in RxIx and have other bands too, so another guy called Alvaro too, who also played with Nico in a band called Vomitando Bilis joined us and we keep this line up since end of 2012. So I m the link with those 3 bands. Actual line up: Alvaro Z.: guitar,Alvaro V.: vocals, Nico: drums and Gerardo: bass.
Disturbance Project 2015

      You guys have definetly been asked many-many times about this too, but I have to ask (I hope you don't want to kill me because of that, haha): where is the name of the band from?
      In 1991 or so was a grind band called Unchallenged Suffering in Madrid. They just played a show in 91 and record an never released Ep called: Disturbance Project. So as many bands used wellknown bands songs/records titles, I guess it was a good way to pay tribute to this band. You can listen a couple of their songs in a comp. tape that Upground Records released back in 94 or 95 called Reallity Shows Vol. II. I guess It could be easy to find a download link for it in internet. If u like grind u will like it for sure

      What would you say are Disturbance Project's main musical influences?
      At the time with started with this band, 2 of us were Denak members; we want to play Grindcore too, so the main influence was try to sound different to Denak. I mainly like old school grind, some of the others liked Nasum, Rotten Sound...so the idea was make a mix of all our influences. When Denak stopped we used some songs that I wrote for them, even we practiced.

      You had some covers in the past, from Denak, Warsore, Fear Of God, or Rot, why did you choosed that ones, and is there any other cover planned in the future?
      I guess I choose all those songs...bands we like and at that time were planned some tribute records for those bands. We recorded, but never were released or the records that went out didnt care a shit about our songs and never were used for that. Denak covers were choosen by the others. We already recorded and play on shows Napalm Death and S.O.B. covers and we expect play an Electro Hippies one for next recording.
Alvaro shreddin'/ pix shot by Darkyrie.

      How is your songwriting process like? Who is the main songwriter, how often can you practice in the rehearshal room, and how much time is needed to finish one song in general?
      Most of the songs are written by Alvaro and me, but Juan also wrote a couple songs, and Nico already have write a couple songs too and have some more to do. We write songs at home and then we take them to the practice room and make some changes with all members together. Time to finnish the songs is not too much, the largest process is remember and not forget them hahaha. Actually we practice one per week, in the past we used to practice 3 per week, but as we didnt make good stuff, we decided it was a waste of time and one per week is enough to do such shit...

      How do you find the inspiration / motivation, what makes you keep playing such extreme and fast grindcore?
      It's just a sickness inside us...hahaha. We d preffer to do any other useful shit in life, but this disgrace happens to us..so we have to carry it on our backs for life....

      Where is your lyrical inspiration came from, maybe real life scenarios, news or specific books, movies? Can you explain your lyrical themes a bit, because all of the lyrics are spanish?
      About spanish...we came from Spain...we speak that lenguage...you know...I guess is enough to understand why....hahaha. Shit! U remember me we have to make translations for our records in the future... We should do...our lyrics are the typical socio "politics" lyrics used in the style. I dont like political word, because that is what politicians do and we are not politicians. Actually the singer write em, but I wrote a lot in the past. I guess if u read them U wont find anything new, but maybe u can find any interested points of views...or not,..

      Your recent material is a compilation CD with re-recorded songs, entitled Grita Mientras Puedas. How did you decided which songs are appeared on this material? This is a kind of „Best of”, with your favorites, or this songs are the base of your current live setlis?
      When the new guys in the band join us we asked them to choose the songs to make a set list. They choose all the songs, Alvaro and me just say "fucking no" to the ones we definitively wont play never again and those went out. As our previous recording was from 2009 we decided to record it with the new line up and have a fucking record out. That is. I guess most of the songs sounds better in this record...
Gerardo shreddin'/ pix shot by Darkyrie.

      Grita Mientras Puedas released on CD, vinyl and tape. Which format do you prefer and why? Are you collectors also?
      One of us doesnt like vynils, the others like all formats. I guess the new boys in the band are more record collectors than us. I use to say that I listen to music, not to formats, but I like to have vinyls

      Till these days you only released split materials (expect the compilation cd’s), right? Was this intentional? I mean, you prefer better to do splits with friends, than create a full-length album?
      We have been trying do a full lenght since we started, but them appeared the possibility to do those splits and we did. So we do the things when them happen. Split with bands is great too, and that is because we do too.

      Continuing the previous question a bit; when can we expect the first Disturbance Project full-length? Are you now working on it, or another splits will come?
      Stuff for a split 7" with Cruel Face and a 4 way Lp with Lycantrophy/ Skunk/ Bloody Phoenix already is recorded and sent to the labels. So we are writtin new stuff, already 6 songs done, but we have to write and record stuff for a split 12" too with an awesome spannish horror grind new band called Cannibal Ferox. Enough work for a long time.

      How did the splits with the brazilian mates, Plague Rages and Subcut came to be? How do you decide on which bands to do a split with?
      I had tapes and records from both these bands and I love them, so it was great split with them! I guess Plague Rages wrote us to split with them because they had the label(Grindhead from Australia) and they need other band. We didn t have new stuff so we used a live set recorded from the PA by Ramon from Haemorrhage who worked as sound engineer at that venue. Danilo from Towerviolence Records offers us do the split with Subcut, but endly that split become with PLF. So as we got a offer to do a cd in Vomit Noise we asked Subcut to do it. That is. most of the récords happens like this...

      If you should choose only one Disturbance Project split material as your best (in terms of songwriting, sound, etc.), which one would it be? Do you have a favorite recording/release from your own discography? Are you pleased with all of your materials?
      Re-record the stuff was mainly because we were not satisfied with most of our stuff. I m really happy about split with all these bands. Every split has and story and I love all those bands. About our shit in those splits, my favourite is our side in the Ras one. Also the cover from that split is great and even Ras! Hahaha. So that is the winner for my fave. But I guess is our best stuff there...

      If I know well, you had troubles in the past with some Labels due to stopped / delayed releases of split materials. Maybe the Fistfuck and Brutal Death splits were one of them, but also a split was planned with Violent Headache, but not released, is it true? Correct me if I’m wrong…
      Outrageous Defecation release split with Fistfuck, maybe it was delayed a little bit, but he did a really good job, also he wrote few ago to do a new split, but is not possible for us, due we have new lp in our heads. Last House On the Right might release the split with Brutal Death and it never happens because he dissapear from the map. Split with Violent Headache...both bands send the stuff and never had an answer...I ask a couple of guys from Usa who knows him, about return our master and he doesnt give a fuck about it, even a friend told me he got angry when he asked about it! So both splits were never released, one is as unreleased stuff in Mediocridad Extrema" Cd and the other is missing, anyway in out lattest recording we rescue and recorded again a couple songs from VH split.
Grita Mientras Puedas cover art

      Your split cd with Ras has already been released by EveryDayHate Records, and also the compilation material, Mediocridad Extrema, so how is your relationship with the label? Have you ever played in Poland, or maybe you have met with Andy?
      I meet Andy back in 2003 when he ran Accusabilis records. He has releases that stuff and also a lot of tshirts for us, he was 10 days on tour with us in 2010 too and has help finding van/driver twice...So, what can I say?we are really grateful to him! We played once in Krakow amd it was supposed to play there in our last tour, but endly we didnt...but we was at his home last night tour. He was too lucky that I was ill that night...if not I would drink all beers he got at home...

      What are your likes or dislikes about the grindcore scene in Spain?
split CD/ 10"LP w/ Ras cover art.
      Most of my fave bands ever are from here, but scene here is shit. In my 6 million people province, with public transport everywhere, u promote a show and if u are lucky only 50 people go. That is an scene of shit, but the few people that use to go to all the shows is amazing.

      I think everybody knows Machetazo, Looking For An Answer, Nashgul, Ras, Violent Headache and Rageous Intent. Do you like all of them? I just discovered Teething also, and they simply kill! What other bands can you recommend to us from Spain?
      Teething is a good band ala ACXDC/ Nails hc/violence. They are from our town and are very active. We use to play with them and Under Vultures, the band where also plays new Haemorrhage drummer and they say they play blackened grind, in my opinion grind ala Brutal Truth. If u like the bands i told they sound like, u must to check them! There are many bands
split 7"EP w/ Fistfuck cover art
now, so I just tell those because we are we are in business together hahaha. Rageous Intent is a MUST! Not just because I play there, I guess most of the people like us!And here we also play a lot with a grind-crust duo called Nagant, check them! But the best band that have appear here are Cannibal Ferox, under this shitty name is one of the best live spannish bands ever, their music is similar to Machetazo and even better! Everybody must to check them...come on, look for their bandcamp now!

      What are your favorite and least favorite parts about doing a band, you better love touring and playing live, or to write songs, and create music at home?
      It depends...I m always thinking in ideas for songs. I love to create songs and of course I love touring, but sometimes it really hard mix "life" with it. Get time for practice also is really hard, but we love it, so till the end with it!

split 7"EP w/ Terrorismo Musical
      What other bands, side-projects, or non-musivcal activities (fanzine, webzine, distro, etc.) does the members of Disturbance Project have?
      Nico plays in a death metal band called Brain Renoval and I know has another black-death-thrash project. Alvaro Vivero sings and play bass in a grindcrust band called Mindcollapse, they will release anything soon. Alvaro Zamora is working in anything with Jaime, our old singer, grind but different than us. And I play in Rageous Intent. Just bands now, but we made zines and distro in the past.

      What about Haemorrhage, do you like goregrind maybe? And another great band from Spain is Wormed, do you enjoy this kind of ultra-brutal, technical death metal?
      Haemorrhage is maybe the biggest extreme music band here. I guess they are more than gore, I mean, they are not typical goregrind band. Grume and Apology...are my fave albums. I like old Regurgitate, Ahumado Granujo, Autophagia, and gore bands who has crust influences and not metal, but its not the more I like. The rest don t use to liste gore too. Wormed are really great band, cool guys, a couple of them use to be in many grindcore shows where we play or promote, more than another grind bands guys from here, but Its not my cup of tea that twisted stuff.

      What is your current playlist? And what are the most impactfull and important releases in the history of grindcore to you?
      Actually I listen alot of new Agathocles stuff, but just when they play grind, Abstain, latest Mindflair album is fucking great, Soziedaz Alkoholika demo, Black Sabbath(fuck! I feel like a fucking hippie for doing this) Internal Rot, Dead Issue, Latest Archagathus releases, Skunk bandcamp...and tons of old 7"s from grind bands. For all the times:
Napalm Death 2 first albums and Peel Sessions
Agathocles: If this is cruel...and tons of their records like Razor sharp Daggers, Bombs Brussels or splits with Unholy Grave, Excruciating Terror, Shikabane, Suppository or Conrades to mention some of their best
Rot:split with Intestinal Disease, but almost all their stuff is an strong influence to me.
Cripple Bastards: all their stuff with Alberto the cripple in the 90s except the noise core stuff.
Carcass Grinder:All
Disrupt: Unrest
Excruciating Terror: Expresion of pain
Dahmer: All
Nasum: Inhale and previous stuf(although each day less)

      I think I ran out of questions, hope you enjoyed this interview. Finally, please share with us, what is your plan for the rest of 2015, and what can we expect from you in the future..
      It has been a nice interview, thank u for the interest in the band! Actually we dont expect play any shows till we finish new album, so just make and practice new stuff; that is our target in short! I d like to say as final words: if 1000 people and more go to grind festivals, why records releases (even big bands) are from 500 records only or even less? Everyday more people just at the big festivals, but everyday becomes harder to small labels and distros. Festivals are ok; give the chance to see a lot of bands, but if u really like music buy records, not costumes. Thanx again for the interview.

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