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Interview with Niclas/ Fredag Den 13:e!

Time for the interview with my label buddies Fredag Den 13:e - they bring back the light to the Swedish crust scene and it's not only my opinion. I know them since 2010, we've met in Budapest and we partied hard till 7 a.m. ahahhha
      I remember the night when we've met for the first time. It was super long night in Budapest at Disturbance Project/ FD13:e show's afterparty and 2 days after we met again at Play Fast Or Don't festival. I had so big hangover afterwards ahhahaha Is it your way of partying? I read in your biography that: "Fredag den 13:e started out like most punk bands as an idea during a drunk night out in Gothenburg". I assume that your 100% punks.
Haha, yeah - no speed no punk.. At home we might have slown down a little from the years back, because of family matters and work and all, but we’re all still young at heart of course, the punk don’t fade! And being on tour and meeting great people like yourself always leads to late nights and tough hangovers, that’s for sure.
Fredag Den 13:e shreddin' in Gdynia on D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Fest

      I think that last Fredag Den 13:e's album Domedagar is the most important one in your discography. Did you expect this album would get such a good feedback? When I read opinions that you replace Disfear or Wolfbrigade and you're becoming number 1 on scandicrust bands list, I feel very proud of you guys. Have your ever dreamt about this?
We are very glad for all the kind words that have been written about Domedagar, just as we are happy with ourselves and Fred who recorded- and mixed us, as well as Brad that mastered it. Their contributions have done so damn much for this record! The sound is just how we wanted it to turn out, and having Fred in the studio, pinpointing his opinions and thoughts was a huge help, so a lot of cred goes to these guys!
And being compared with bands like Disfear and Wolfbrigade is of course very honoring since we've listened to these bands for a long time. They are amongst some of the biggest musical influences for us when it comes to hardcore punk, and I suppose they must be considered some of the most influential d-beat bands ever, generally among punks all around the world. That we should be number one is just a very strange thing to hear, even though it is flattering. If someone considers us the “best” band we’re of course very happy about it, but still a very odd thing to hear, haha…
So, to your question: No, we haven’t ever dreamt of this. Getting to play hardcore punk for all the great people we meet, going on tours, record music we love and getting a good response that we’ve actually doing something good – that’s what we want. Like I said earlier, it is very flattering being compared with bands we love, but it has never been a dream or anything like that. We’re just very happy some people like what we do!
Fredag Den 13:e shreddin' in Rozbrat, pix shot by xrobakx
      While talking about list of scandicrust bands, I have feeling that bands at the Scandinavian underground scene are not so active nowadays. Bands like Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Driller Killer, Uncurbed didn't release anything new for a long time it doesn't seem to change. Are you influenced by godfathers of scandicrust? Could you describe how you understand the term: scandicrust?
Yes, all these bands you mention have made a huge impact on us all, and so they have been a huge inspiration as well. We sure long for new releases from them just as we suppose you do, it’s sad and also a bit frustrating it’s so “off” in the scene right now, but hopefully the next time any of them release something, it will be worth the wait.
Scandicrust, as a term, is all about the energy. In our opinion the best bands is the ones that can mix different styles of punk and rock and of course all the bands you mention are good examples of this proud swedish tradition. Social and political rage and frustration that merge with the love and joy of playing aggressive music is not something invented here, but that together with extreme energy sums up the term I suppose..

      If you had to compare the process of creating each of FD13:e albums - have you tried some innovation with Domedagar or you work in similar way with every album? Tell us something about your way of creating new songs. Who in the band is the most creative, who brings the riffs and ideas? I believe you play rehearsals only on fridays 13th?
      Hahaha, if we rehearsed on that date only, we wouldn’t have anything to release, ever. We write our stuff together, and rehearse at least once a week to make that happen. Probably everyone contributes all the same when it comes to the end. Stoffe is a riff-genious, and Jacob has a great mind for melodies and Anders does 99% of all the lyrics.. When Peter joined the band (just in the finishing stage of our earlier record “Tjugohundratretton”) he brought new perspectives and lots of riffs and ideas too, and he’s a musical mastermind, which of course made an impact to our sound. As a group we arrange it all together, and generally we rarely disagree. I suppose we have a minimum of 666 minutes of unused riffs just laying around. The trickiest part is to put it all together. 
Fredag Den 13:e/ pix shot by Andreas Hedberg
     There are 13 songs on every album you recorded, it's kind of concept idea, right? Are you some kind of number 13's maniacs? Are you superstitious?
Not superstitious, just wierdos. Number 13 has become a obsession of some sort. I can’t remember why we got so hooked on that. Earlier we always played 13-song sets live too, and if we were to play a shorter set, like at a festival where stagetime is slimmed down, it actually was a problem for us, it could really take the edge of our “vibe” haha.. But we have outgrown that OCD-ish thing now.

      Besides, your plan is to play until 2019 no matter what happens, until the bands thirteenth anniversary. Who came up with this great idea? Are you going to do something special for you 13th anniversary? What is going to happen after 2019? Have you ever thought about closing FD13:e's chapter with 13 full albums?
      I believe it was Anders that came up with that, but I’m not 100% sure. We plan to keep it that way though. Some sort of big celebration for sure! We’ve arranged a couple of great shows with great bands before, and we love doing that stuff. On the 13:th anniversary it will, of course, reach its climax! Hopefully one’s never too old to keep playing punk, and it is highly doubtful any of us will ever live a life without playing punk, it’s just too hard to imagine! 13 full-lengths, no, haha! That’s for Iron Maiden and Suicidal Tendencies to do! But 13 releases, that we hope for!

FD13:e shreddin'!

      Your every cover artwork is unusual and original but still at the same old school style, your cooperation with: Thank You, Satan (Under Iskalla Fanor), J. A. Holmberg (Tjugohundratretton) and Tobias Larsson (Domedagar) is really fruitful in my opinion. Is it your idea how the cover art should looks alike? Which cover do you like the most? Are they somehow related to the albums or it's just random art?
      We’ve disagreed a little in the matter of cover art, but at the end of the day, all of us love the way they’ve turned out every time. The guys that have made this are some skilled fucks for sure! But the disagreements has been that some of us wanted to keep the covers more related to the lyrics, and some of us wanted it to blend more with the sound. I suppose the latter won. All the symbols and details are up for interpretation, throw us your best guess!
      All your lyrics are in Swedish. It's easy to get what the band name means, but it's quite tough to read your lyrics. Please tell me, what are your songs about? Why did you chose to sing in Swedish? I have to admit it sounds good and fits perfectly to the music.
      And that’s one of the reasons – we also feel it sounds and fits perfect to the music. Since Swedish is our native language, it’s pretty natural for us to keep it that way. We tried some songs in English in the beginning, but it just didn’t feel right. Lots of the lyrics is about the situation we’ve got here in Sweden, and so there is another reason.
Generally the songs are about everyday struggle of modern life, the way we can see life getting tougher and colder each day passing, how the welfare-state we were born in is plundered and destroyed by the greed and stupidity of the privileged upper classes and how fucking thoughtless and cynical that is. How people are so easily hypnotized and fooled with everyday “treats” to keep everyone off guard. Sweden, and Europe, is so damn fast shifting into this far-right madness! In the first songs we wrote the main rage was aimed to the conservative/capitalist “alliance” that later won the elections two times in a row and made this county a far worse place than before in only eight years. And by making the rich richer and the poor poorer, putting people against each other, one needs someone to blame, and yes of course the weakest and most vulnerable became the scapegoats. And now our third biggest, and fastest growing party is the fucking fascist party. History repeats… If you asked us ten years ago if they would even make it to government we would call that nonsense, because we thought people were smarter than to ever vote for those crazy, evil fucking assholes. And that’s pretty much where our main rage is aimed nowadays.

      Last summer you went on another EU tour promoting 3rd album. This time you played at Obscene Extreme Festival and DIY Hardcore Punk fest. How it was this time? Did you feel any difference? I mean did you become more recognized as a band? I know you're still into DIY and you have the punk attitude since the beginning - so how is it to play underground tours? You booked Domedagar release party show in Gotheborg, guys from TAP told me it was a great night, was it the same for you?
      Of course we get more recognized, we’ve been a band for almost ten years now! OEF was a pretty new experience, even though the whole festival lost its power in our second or third song which of course was a damn shame, but it turned out good anyways! It’s great fun to play big stages too, but we feel most at home at squats and clubs close and intimate with the crowd. Our release party was a big success too! It’s more fun to arrange those things yourself, not having to care about security guards, bouncers, and everything that can take the joy out of a “normal” club show.
Niclas/ Fredag Den 13:e shreddin' in Rozbrat, pix shot by xrobakx

      Obscene Extreme, DIY Hardcore punk fest, Play Fast Or Don't, Anarcho Punk Gathering Fest, Punk illegal fest... are very good festivals. How was it for you guys - did the crowd enjoy your shows? If you can chose any festival to play at, what it would be?
      They have all been great! Besides only the show, festivals bring so much more, it’s so much going on and you don’t have a single boring second. We think people enjoyed it anyways, haha, however we sure did! Hmmm, choosing one is hard, in time we hope to play just as many as possible. We’ve just started to work our plans for Portugal and Spain next spring, which will include at least one festival, that much we can tell…

      After every album you're going on EU tour. You take care of your fans and it's very appreciated, everybody can see you live. If you can compare all tours you went on - which one was the best, where the audience was the wildest? Do you have any tour stories to share or you're those guys who believe that everything what happend on tour stays on tour? Do you have any bizzare or fancy wishes in your rider if anyone would like to book your show? What is the next step - US tour?
      At Pannone Punk Harcore Festival in Italy 2010 some kids brought a trampoline to use to stage dive, which started when we were only sound checking. The show was outdoors in a tent and it was about to collapse due to the mosh and dancing going on. That’s something you never forget! Oh we have so many stories to tell, there should be another interview just for that haha.. We’ve done some crazy tours, with stories from on and off the stage. A US tour is nothing we’ve been thinking of that much. Mexico or South America is actually more tempting if we’re to head west. Southeast Asia and Japan is something we wish to tour sometime as well! We’ve actually been talking loose about India, in which Jacob has some contact that wants to help us out. I can’t really think of any band I’ve met that toured India...
It would be cool to something different as well.
Fredag Den 13:e shreddin' in Rozbrat, pix shot by xrobakx
      It's some kind of random question, did you listen to anything interesting lately? Would you recommend me some good album/ band? It doesn't have to be only extreme music. Recently I listened to lots of classics, mostly old albums from Morbid Angel, Entombed, Decide, Brutal Truth, Godflesh but also I enjoyed some stoner bands like Blues Pills, Kaleidobolt ending with King Dude and his satanic spirit.
      Oh this is tough question… There’s too many to mention. But for me personally 2015 has been quite a weak year when it comes to new releases that really got me hooked. But I just so bought Breach’s “GODBOX” recorded 2010 yesterday. That was one fucking great band, I miss that band every day. Pure geniuses! If anyone missed out on them, check them out right away! But generally I’ve been listening a lot of bands you just mentioned, but some newer albums. Deicide’s “In The Minds of Evil” spins frequently. And Behemoth’s “The Satanist” is just getting better and better every time I listen to it. But when I want to chill out I fall back on what we in Swedish would directly translate to “old man rock” haha, like UFO, Pink Floyd, but especially Boston. Their “Don’t Look Back” record is fucking amazing! And yeah, last year our buddies in GUST released one SICK record, check them out!!
      I'd like to thank you very much for your time, it's thirteen question, let's ended up with 13 words:
      Thank you Andy for being so cuddly and sweet every time we meet!/ Niclas

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