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Interview with Brad from Internal Rot!

Let's face it, after debut album "Mental Hygiene", Aussie Internal Rot became topnotch act at the underground grindcore scene. Believe me or not, but even Digby Pearson would like to have such a great band in his heyday. Anyway, I'm waiting for they EU tour and it's is gonna be the icing on the cake! My buddie Zsiga Zoltán from BLAST fanzine interviewed Brad, guitarist of Internal Rot, Die Pigeon Die, Holy Boner, Super Fun Happy Slid, in one word- super busy guy! Andy EDH

First of all, can we summarize the band’s history? How did you get together, who’s idea was to form this band? All the 3 members are from different bands (Roskopp, Agents Of Abhorrence, and Super Fun Happy Slide), Internal Rot is just a project for you, or this band is the first priority?

B – Christoph and I just had a jam for fun back in 2010 when Roskopp was at it’s end and SFHS was slowing down due to Den moving interstate. We didn’t discuss any ideas or anything and somehow busted out some fast as hell frenetic grindcore that got us rather excited. Since we’re both drummers it only seemed fitting to get another drummer for vocals. Max had sung in the early 2-piece days of AoA and had a cool strained yell/roar, but definitely stepped up the brutality with the harsh lows much to our delight in those first few jams.

Which one of the above mentioned 3 bands is still active? If I know well, Roskopp is splitted up, why did you decided to finish?
B – Roskopp finished up when Jake (bass/vox) moved to the USA for study. Agents of Abhorrence is in deep hibernation these days. Super Fun Happy Slide is still active, we played our first gig in a year just recently. However Den (guitar) lives in a different state now so we only get together a couple of times a year at most.

Internal Rot live/ pix shot by Ben Butcher.

I know, that the members of Internal Rot have other musical projects besides the mentioned ones. Introduce them with a few words please.

B – I play drums in SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE (raw grindcore), HOLY BONER (stop-start-blast) and UMBILICAL TENTACLE (partymoshnoisecore). I do a one man noisecore band where I play drums, bass and vocals at the same time called BLARGHSTRAD, it’s pretty ridiculous. There’s also a new crusty goregrind band CLOGGED, with members of SFHS and Roskopp. Solo filthy goregrind as TAKE THAT VILE FIEND and the occasional improv jazz wank collaboration.

Christoph plays drums in HEADLESS DEATH (grindcore), UNNATURAL BIRTH (black metal/punk), TRENCH SISTERS (fast hardcore/grind), CONTAMINATED (devastating death metal) and more I’m probably forgetting.
Max plays drums in FACELESS BURIAL (death metal mosh) and in the past has drummed for Far Left Limit, Cut Sick, ABC Weapons and more.


Back to Internal Rot: who’s idea was the band name and where it is from? There is a song called Internal Rot on an early Phobia material, maybe that was the origin?B – Christoph stole the name from the Phobia song. It fulfilled our requirements for being dumb and tough without being too silly. I personally just went along with it because it has ROT in the title and they’re one of my favourite bands.

Why don’t you use bass guitar? This was intentional, or maybe it is hard to find a talented musician with the right skills or attitude? Do you want to use bass guitar in the future?

B – It’s mostly due to me being too lazy to sit down and teach anyone the riffs, but it has served us well in getting stuff done and it makes touring that little bit simpler. I’m not against adding a bass player someday but it’s not a high priority at the moment. When playing live I use multiple amps to make sure the guitar is loud and raucous enough to sound tough. For studio recordings I record a pitch shifted guitar track to fill out the low end and get some rumble.

Internal Rot shreddin'

Almost everywhere we can read that you are influenced by Excruciating Terror. Does it disturb you now, when everybody comparing Internal Rot to them? What other influences do you have?

B – We have a laugh with our unashamed love for ExTx but besides a few dangerously similar riffs I think we sound different enough to not come off like a bunch of wankers doing a tribute band or anything.

Do you know / love Jery Flores’ band called Bloody Phoenix too? Do you love the albums of Bloody Phoenix?

B – The first few 7”s and full lengths are wild stuff! Really memorable and catchy riffs played with heaps of intensity. I haven’t enjoyed the more ’crust’ sounding stuff lately, just sounds a bit lazy compared to the earlier ultra bangers.

Your first material was a self-titled 7” back from 2011. How long did you wrote that, wich one was the first song you have ever wrote for Internal Rot? Are you pleased with that material? How did you get in contact with 625 Thrashcore?

B – All the songs on the 7” were from the first batch of songs we wrote and I think they’re some of our best tracks still. ’Eyelids’ was the first song we wrote and the most flagrant in imitated riff re-arrangement. They seem to have a nice ’flowing’ quality to them which is great for banging your head around to. 625 Thrashcore had already released some Agents of Abhorrence so I’m assuming thats where the inital interest originated.

Internal Rot live/ pix shot by Ben Butcher.

What is the biggest difference between this self-titled 7” and Mental Hygiene in your opinion? I think the sound improved a lot (even the 7” also had a good sound), and the music is more dynamic, if possible. Do you agree?B – We were more organised when recording the full length and had a better idea of what we wanted things to sound like. The 7” has much more bass rumble which I kind of like but the guitar sound is pretty thin due to my crap guitar I used. Where as the 7” was mostly flat out raging, the LP has some funkier riffs and more diverse songwriting I guess.

Except a few seconds, there are only fast moments on the album, was it intentional to create the fastest music possible? What can you tell us about your songwriting process? How long did you wrote the material for the first album?

B – We like to play fast music and we like to do it with terrible technique that destroys us physically. If you’re not sweating, hurting and gasping for air you’re not going hard enough. Our songs just come from Christoph and I jamming together and writing on the spot, very rarely will I have any riffs figured out beforehand. Some songs on the LP were written when we started the band and then there’s a few we banged out a couple of weeks before recording.

Who is this girl in the cover art of Mental Hygiene, maybe is it from an old movie? Where is this idea came from to use this picture?

B – British pop sensation Kate Bush! This was Christoph’s birdbrain idea, it’s a still from the film clip to her song „Wuthering Heights”. It’s an eerie image when taken out of context, sort of like a zombie lurching for brains mixed with a woman watching her loved one crushed to death before her eyes, or some shit. Lots of people HATE the artwork.

What do you think about political grindcore and punk scene? Are you interested in political messages?

B – I like Dropdead, I essentially agree with alot of the sentiment, but I still can’t help but laugh at the delivery between every song when they play live. I like to keep my po(o)litics and muzaks separate for the most part. I just want to play fast, angry music and bang my head.

In the songs „Mental Hygiene” and „Lashed In Viscera” I can hear a little Parlamentarisk Sodomi-esque riffing, and you got covered their song Stilltiendehetens Bordellt… What do you think about this band? I think Papirmollen is a genius, and his style is very unique.

B – The first full length blew me away back in the day. He has a certain talent for regurgitating classic Earache riffage at hyperspeed and with that bounce you can’t help but bang ya head to. There’s definitely a few nods to his style in Internal Rot songs, I really like the chaos that riffage style provides to blasts and the more mid paced bangers.

Internal Rot shreddin'

Do you like his other projects, Psudoku and Brutal Blues? They are more like a futuristic, more complex thing, do you like them? Anyway, do you like complex music?B – I enjoy them but I have to be in the mood. I miss the balls out flowing intensity of his earlier work, the new stuff is a bit hard on my brain for the most part. I tend to steer clear of overly technical wankery for the most part, except for the odd hypocritical exception.

You have a split material with Manhunt, how did this came to be? How did you get in contact with them?

B – We played a couple of shows with them in Melbourne a few years ago and we’re blown away by their brand of ultra mosh power. Became friends after that and just decided to do a split. We’ve just recently done an East Coast Tour of Australia together which was an absolute blast. Many farts, many laughs.

How do you decide on which bands to do a split with? Only friends you're in touch with? What are some of the bands you'd really wish to do splits with in the future?

B – Mostly it’s just bands we are friends with and we all really dig what they do. Our next release is a split with Mellow Harsher which came about after we played/crashed with them in the US and fell in man-love. The planned release with Split Teeth came about after Max just decided to announce it at a gig without having asked anyone and no one could come up with a reason not to.

How was touring in the USA and what kind of impressions do you have from that country? How many gigs did you do there and in which cities? Which one was the best live show and why?

B – We had a spectacular time touring the US. Played 15 shows in 18 days all up and down the West Coast (inc Vancouver), Mid-West, MDF and Massachussets. Hired cars and drove ourselves around which worked out surprisingly well. Everybody we came in contact with was so enthusiastic and helpful, the bands blew our balls off constantly and we ate some of the most disgusting gastronomical delights the country has to offer. Our 2nd show of the tour we played alongside Excruciating Terror and a behemoth lineup of California’s finest. We met dudes we’ve been listening to for years and played a ripper set that definitely fired us up for the tour ahead.
Internal Rot shreddin'

You played at Obscene Extreme Australia back in 2013; how do you remember that show? What are your impressions about OEF Australia? How did the first Obscene Extreme Festival go in Australia?B – Obscene gigs were bloody good fun. The first year was really well attended and had a wicked lineup of bands. The 2014 Obscene shows were great as well, but there just wasn’t the same numbers and it made sense for Curby to keep on trying his luck elsewhere, the Canadian edition this year is looking really nice.

Besides the above mentioned Stilltiendehetens Bordellt, we can hear Per Que No Conosco El Miedo from Excruciating Terror on you bandcamp page. Do you have any other covers at the moment or will you have in the future?

B – We used to play ’Sickening Discretion’ by Phobia, there’s a recorded version on a US Tour Tape and on a live studio session 12” that is yet to be released. The only other cover we played live was the short Benumb banger ’Nothing Personal’.

In Australia there are really good bands like you, The Kill, Captain Cleanoff, and labels like Blastasfuk, No Escape and Grindhead Records. For me it looks that your scene is very strong and healty, but how do you think this? Is it strong in the whole country, or focused to the bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney?

B – Melbourne is most definitely the top of the pile. Nowadays grindcore isn’t as cool as it was maybe 10 years ago so all-grind gigs are a bit of a rarity. There’s a really healthy punk and hardcore thing going on, with heaps of young bands doing crazy shit. It all goes in cycles though as people get old and trade in mohawks for mortgages, just recently I’ve had the epiphany that I’m closer to being an old cunt now than the young whipper snapper. Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane are kicking arse these days, and when we’ve toured there the shows have been wild.
Internal Rot shreddin'
 There is a hungarian connection to your country, years ago Grindhead Records released a hungarian grind album: Long Pig – Barren. Have you heard it maybe?

B – Heard it years ago, buggered if I can remember what it sounds like now. I am however going batshit crazy over Parazatozis and some noisecore out of hungary. I’ve recorded for a split with fellow one-man noise band maniac DROGDED which is wild, wild stuff.

Are there any bands from your country you recommend, and we have to check immediately?

B – ASBESTOSISIS are really ugly and filthy old school deathy-goregrind, MEATAL ULCER is leading the charge in a post-’Putrefaction in Progress’ world and the SCAB EATER demo is chorus-y stompin’ punk mayhem at it’s finest. Also every other band us Internal Rot dickheads play in because we rule.

Your drummer, Chris was involved to No Escape Records right? Is he still working at that label? What was / is his role by the label? And also in Missing Link Records….B – Christoph still toils away at Missing Link (now called Collectors Corner). No Escape has been dead and buried for awhile now, Christoph handled the distro side of things whilst Dave (Fuck...I’m Dead, TDEBN) was the top dawg. I miss that label so very much, it was a purple patch in grindcore history and I’m glad I got to be a part of all their hard work.

I know some death metal acts from your conuntry, like Disentomb or Iconic Vivisect and stuffs like The Day Everything Became Nothing. Do you like this type of music, or overall, this brutal death metal genre and gore stuffs? What other styles do you prefer besides grindcore?

B – I like crusty old smelly death metal, can’t stand typewriter drumming modern death metal. My musical tastes are however notoriously bad and the less said about them the better. We all enjoy in varying amounts punk, hardcore and death metal and the gazillion genres that lie within that spectrum. Max loves riding the soul train, Christoph is the world’s #1 Dog Eat Dog fan and I’m a 90’s nu-metal aficionado at heart.

What are you currently listening to? Do you have any recommendations from the newer bands? Can you share with us your top 10 all-time favourite albums?

B – Lately I’ve been listening to the Asbestosisis tape, Meatal Ulcer LP, bunch of older japanese stuff like DxIxE, GBN, Nikudorei, Final Exit, Fear Factory’s demo album ’Concrete’ and alot of AxCx, especially the ep’s. I’m far too lazy for Top 10 lists sorry.

Mental Hygiene cover art

When will you come touring to Europe to kick some ass?

B – When some nice bloke or sheila pays for our flights, I’ve gone and had a kid and strangely enough my wallet always seems empty now. One day it might happen, possibly, maybe.

Is there any upcoming material in progress? What are your next steps? Any last words from you?B – Next release is a split 7” with Mellow Harsher (USA) coming out on 625 Thrash and RSR. We’re recording soon for planned splits with Excruciating Terror (USA) and Split Teeth (AUS) also. Thanks heaps for the interview and support of all the noise us drongos make. Cheers!

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