wtorek, 27 października 2015

Interview with Niclas/ Fredag Den 13:e!

Time for the interview with my label buddies Fredag Den 13:e - they bring back the light to the Swedish crust scene and it's not only my opinion. I know them since 2010, we've met in Budapest and we partied hard till 7 a.m. ahahhha
      I remember the night when we've met for the first time. It was super long night in Budapest at Disturbance Project/ FD13:e show's afterparty and 2 days after we met again at Play Fast Or Don't festival. I had so big hangover afterwards ahhahaha Is it your way of partying? I read in your biography that: "Fredag den 13:e started out like most punk bands as an idea during a drunk night out in Gothenburg". I assume that your 100% punks.
Haha, yeah - no speed no punk.. At home we might have slown down a little from the years back, because of family matters and work and all, but we’re all still young at heart of course, the punk don’t fade! And being on tour and meeting great people like yourself always leads to late nights and tough hangovers, that’s for sure.
Fredag Den 13:e shreddin' in Gdynia on D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Fest

czwartek, 15 października 2015

Interview with Doug Brown/ Slave To The Grind- A Film About Grindcore!

   Slave To The Grind- A Film About Grindcore is directed by Doug Brown - filmmaker, die-hard vinyl colector and grindcore fan! It's going to be the first documentary movie about grindcore ever. I’m really excited about this and I'm waiting impatiently for the premiere on the december 2017! I decided to contact Doug and to talk about his work, passion and grindcore of course.

   Hey Doug, let's cut to the chase. Your first documentary movie Never Enough was about collecting. I get the impression themovie was a bit about you, die-hard record collector. From the beginning of your film career you try to combine business with pleasure or is this also the desire to discover yourself?
   I am fortunate enough to have a full time job teaching filmmaking.  This has always allowed me to work on projects that mean a lot to me.  As a result – I never have to worry about making money, meeting the goals of a third party company.  So yes – I only mix business with pleasure. I would never make a film on something I was not passionate about. 

   I would like you to tell something about your work on Never Enough - I believe you've learnt many things about filmmaking but also about interviewing for sure. We can skip all the technical problems because as a film studies teacher you probably don't have any problems like that ahahhaah. How was it? Did you enjoy the whole process of filming and creating? Did you realize all your intended goals?
   Never Enough was the first feature I directed, which came with a slew of learning.  I really enjoy the interview.  Sitting down with a subject and finding a way to connect with them is the most important part of making a doucmentary.  This is another reason why I will only make films on my passions – It allows for that interview to be that much more meaningful.  It would be a tough process otherwise. I was really happy with the final product of Never Enough.  It was shot on no money – so we couldn’t expect too much for it – but this said, we have a TV sale in the works.   One note for any aspiring documentary filmmakers out there:  Transcribe every word that all of your subjects say into one massive word document.  It will allow you to search for key words (which are connected to timecode) later, which will significantly reduce the amount of time when writing your film into a story.   I did not do this with Never Enough – and we are certainly plugging through this process now for STTG.  

Making of with Dave Witte/ Discordance Axis

poniedziałek, 12 października 2015

Interview with Riley/ Grotesque Organ Defilement!

News about tragic death of my friend Michal Majewski from F.A.T.O. and Scab Bombardment Productions really upset me and no words can describe how I felt, RIP brother! Soon after I've heard about ex-F.A.T.O members' project and that's how I got closer to Grotesque Organ Defilement. I contacted them and realized right away that they are such great guys as Michal was. Their new project is 100% in the vein of old school grindcore bands, the thing what I like most. I've been working with those dudes for some time now and I need to admit that they're fuckin' insane! Interview is made by my buddy Zoltan/ Blast Fanzine. Andy EDH
Hello guys, this is Zoli, how are you doing? As far as I know this is the first hungarian Grotesque Organ Defilement interview, so I’d like to start with an introduction. Please tell me, how the story of the band started, what made you to start this band, and what did you set out to do with G.O.D.? Where is the name from?
Hi Zoli! Thanks for the interview, I’m Riley. Our band name dates back to around 2003 or 2004, when I first started experimenting with writing and recording song. I would attempt various styles from death metal, thrash, black metal ect. I wanted to try making a goregrind song with pitch shifted vocals. I made a song with a drum machine and named it Basement Abomination and came up with the name Grotesque Organ Defilement because I thought it would be funny if the acronym spelled “god” but each letter stood for something gorey. Unfortunately I have not been able to find this recording and it may be lost forever. That’s the inside joke behind our song Basement Abomination Pt. 2, since there was a part 1 but perhaps nobody will ever hear it. In 2005 I made another song with this band name in mind, Basket Case, but it wasn’t until around August 2006 that I decide to create a full demo of material resulting in the self titled demo that was not given a pro release until this year. Using songs from this demo I set out to find a drummer and sent some tracks to Leezus who was playing in the band F.A.T.O.. I had seen F.A.T.O. live and I didn’t know anyone else who was drumming in this old school way. Leezus enjoyed my material and we decided to jam, before we ever jammed he contributed some vocals on the first song of that demo, Brain Damage. F.A.T.O. had been looking for a guitar player so I joined them as well at the same time.
G.O.D. live/ pix shot by Willow Alexander.

czwartek, 8 października 2015

Interview with Brad from Internal Rot!

Let's face it, after debut album "Mental Hygiene", Aussie Internal Rot became topnotch act at the underground grindcore scene. Believe me or not, but even Digby Pearson would like to have such a great band in his heyday. Anyway, I'm waiting for they EU tour and it's is gonna be the icing on the cake! My buddie Zsiga Zoltán from BLAST fanzine interviewed Brad, guitarist of Internal Rot, Die Pigeon Die, Holy Boner, Super Fun Happy Slid, in one word- super busy guy! Andy EDH

First of all, can we summarize the band’s history? How did you get together, who’s idea was to form this band? All the 3 members are from different bands (Roskopp, Agents Of Abhorrence, and Super Fun Happy Slide), Internal Rot is just a project for you, or this band is the first priority?

B – Christoph and I just had a jam for fun back in 2010 when Roskopp was at it’s end and SFHS was slowing down due to Den moving interstate. We didn’t discuss any ideas or anything and somehow busted out some fast as hell frenetic grindcore that got us rather excited. Since we’re both drummers it only seemed fitting to get another drummer for vocals. Max had sung in the early 2-piece days of AoA and had a cool strained yell/roar, but definitely stepped up the brutality with the harsh lows much to our delight in those first few jams.

Which one of the above mentioned 3 bands is still active? If I know well, Roskopp is splitted up, why did you decided to finish?
B – Roskopp finished up when Jake (bass/vox) moved to the USA for study. Agents of Abhorrence is in deep hibernation these days. Super Fun Happy Slide is still active, we played our first gig in a year just recently. However Den (guitar) lives in a different state now so we only get together a couple of times a year at most.

Internal Rot live/ pix shot by Ben Butcher.

I know, that the members of Internal Rot have other musical projects besides the mentioned ones. Introduce them with a few words please.

B – I play drums in SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE (raw grindcore), HOLY BONER (stop-start-blast) and UMBILICAL TENTACLE (partymoshnoisecore). I do a one man noisecore band where I play drums, bass and vocals at the same time called BLARGHSTRAD, it’s pretty ridiculous. There’s also a new crusty goregrind band CLOGGED, with members of SFHS and Roskopp. Solo filthy goregrind as TAKE THAT VILE FIEND and the occasional improv jazz wank collaboration.

Christoph plays drums in HEADLESS DEATH (grindcore), UNNATURAL BIRTH (black metal/punk), TRENCH SISTERS (fast hardcore/grind), CONTAMINATED (devastating death metal) and more I’m probably forgetting.
Max plays drums in FACELESS BURIAL (death metal mosh) and in the past has drummed for Far Left Limit, Cut Sick, ABC Weapons and more.


Back to Internal Rot: who’s idea was the band name and where it is from? There is a song called Internal Rot on an early Phobia material, maybe that was the origin?B – Christoph stole the name from the Phobia song. It fulfilled our requirements for being dumb and tough without being too silly. I personally just went along with it because it has ROT in the title and they’re one of my favourite bands.

środa, 7 października 2015

Interview with James from Facada!

I'm stoked, seriously, I've met Zsiga Zoltan once at OEF and we became partners straight away. His fanzine BLAST is totally kick-ass! This time he decided to talk to one of my favorite bands, Brasilian Facada. I know them for years and they are one of the best underground grindcore acts for sure. I'm proud to release their two albums and to work on future projects now. If you dont know Facada yet, listen to O joio or Nadir album, read that rad interview with Carlos James, bass player and vocalist of the band. I want to thank Zoltan and James for such a good job! Andy EDH
Hello guys, my name is Zoli, I’m glad to do this chat with you! To be honest I didn't found too much biography info about you, so it is time for an introduction. Do you remember the reason why you formed Facada? When and how exactly did you found the band? What were your favorite bands and inspirations back then, and did that change over the years? 
Hi, Zoli. We are glad as well. It’s awesome to answer to an interview from a country like Hungary that we don’t have many contacts. It’s always cool to get acquainted  to new people. We formed the band back in 2003. We used to play in other bands, but we were always close friends. After watching show from a local band named SUBTERA, we decided to get together and star jamming to some grindcore stuff. We are still doing it as far as we are concerned. Back in the day we loved, and still love, things like Napalm Death (old), Terrorizer, Filthy Christians, Repulsion, Defecation, Carcass (old), Morbid Angel (old), Dismember, Agathocles, Regurgitate. To some extent these influences haven’t really changed over the years, but we are always adding some different elements like Death or Black metal to keep things interesting for ourselves. And it all comes really naturally.
Facada, pix shot by Deivyson Teixeira