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Interview with Shantia from My Minds Mine!

The news that Dutch My Minds Mine reunited cheered not only me, but also many old school grindcore geeks. My Minds Mine formed in 1995, broke up in 2002 and reformed in 2014, how great those news are! I decided to have a chat with Shantia Fardin, former and guitar player of  MMM, Blood I Bleed and owner of independent underground label Fast & Furious Records.

Hey Shantia, it's still hard to believe that I interview you as MMM. Tell me, what prompted you to return? Was Rosco's return to the band one of the reasons for comeback? Have you ever thought about reactivating MMM during the last 12 years after break-up?
Hey Andy! Thanks for the interest in the band. Well after MMM quit in 2002, soon afterwards Bato and me started Blood I Bleed. We were in touch with Ros, but not that much untill we found out he had serious throat/vocal cords  issues. Reason unknown according to doctors. Seriously. He is using one vocal cord only up till present day. After his recovery we wanted him back in the band and he soon joined. From time to time we played some MMM songs as well and years later we finally decided to do a full set under the MMM banner. So yeah, there have been thoughts of starting MMM again throughout the years.

Every time I'm listening to your 10 inch split with Head Hits Concrate I wonder where did you get those sensational samples from?

Haaha. At the time we loved this intro which is on the Pissed Happy Children LP “Pissed Playground” so we stole it. The outro is a tribute to Adrenalin o.d. who has this small sample on one of their records. We had Milan (sound guy of Sing Sing)  saying something similar but then referring to Head Hits Concrete.

pix shot by Rick Slagter

Your last album Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet was released thirteen years ago, for some people it's a really long time. Album  48 Reasons to Leave This Planet closes the current band's work. Does it close some kind of chapter for you?
For me it’s like yesterday. Just kidding. No closed chaper really. We always continued making music in the same vein in the meantime. In fact the first couple of BIB songs were lunused MMM songs. We also integrated some unused MMM riffs for BIB songs in 2003/2004.

You are working on new album now. Will you still be faithful to the underground scene? I mean recording 7 '' splits, playing DIY shows and having fun? Do you have any new inspirations?
Yes we are. We have 4-5 new songs ready. Of course: true till death! Yes we are chatting with friends of bands to see if there is interest in doing a split. There are some countries we would like to visit and play and one of our wishes always was playing the UK. Well in November we will finally go and do a London gig with Fubar!

What will happen to the Blood I Bleed now? You formed it together with Bato after MMM had broken up, when Rosco joined BB line up, your music career got back on  track. I'm using the word career because, let's face it, MMM is and will be one of the most important European grindcore unit!

Blood I Bleed is still there. We did a gig at a skate party a month ago. That was awesome so we agreed to rehearse and play if some cool request comes up. So no real split up yet.

I saw you many times, in different places, I even had a chance to organize Blood in Bleed's show in my hometown. After few local shows and short tours with them you weren't very active. But along with MMM's comeback, you start to play more and more: Grof Grief, Obscene Extreme, Bloodshed... How do you feel back on stage with MMM again? Do you feel any difference between gigs you played in the 90s and nowadays?
Yes I rememeber that. Cool! Maybe we were not that active to the outside world with BIB, although in all these years we have continued with reharsing and songwriting. But besides BIB we also did many Heresy cover songs under the name of Deathbiter while playing a full Heresy tribute set. Then we had our cover band R’n’R Gas Station that playes a set of 80’s hardcore punk bands, such as Negative Gain, Life Sentence, 7 Seconds, A.o.d, Accused. I have to admit that it feels great hahah. Songs are so familiar and we notice that even a lot of people rememeber these old tunes… I dont feel the difference very much, although were a bit older (budweiser)  now. For instance we still do this long trips for one single gig, of which we said we won’t be doing them anymore.

At OEF I saw your great excitement about MMM show, did you miss it?  It was really nice to see you guys so thrilled! Do you feel like 20 again, don't you?
Hahah, no I feel old. And yes, as it was only the 4th MMM gig in so many years and it was a packed audience. So yes we were thrilled.

Over the last 15 years almost everything has changed at the underground scene. There is no longer need to copy tapes and send them across the world. Now we have social media and global network. What do you think about it? Is it blessing or a curse? Personally I feel overwhelmed by the amount of strange projects that pop up like mushrooms. I feel I have to put more effort and dedicate more time to reach things that are interesting to me.
Interesting. Indeed social media and the net are a love/hate kinda thing. In the early days you had to put in a lot of effort to get to  listen/reach/tapetrade/write bands. Nowadays due to the net that part is easy. On the other hand you had a few hundred good bands that you were able to follow, buy or tape their latest record, find info in a magazine or something.  I am sure I am missing a lot of today’s bands, but seen the spare time I have left it is not much of an issue.

What do you think about Doug Brown's movie: Slave To The Grind - A Film About Grindcore? Withlout any doubt, MMM is a big part of grindcore history, are you going to be part of this project? Doug Brown posted on Slave to the grind's facebook page that 75 percent of all of the grind musicians, who have been interviewed by him, admitted that 'Metallica changed their life'. What about you Shantia? I hope you won't disappointed me with your response ahahahha
Cool idea. I like most of  these documentaries usually. Up till now I don’t think MMM is  part of the STTG film. Hahaha, your disappointment depends whether you were into Metallica or not. I guess I am going to disappoint you as I was indeed a fan as well. Life changing? No, that was Heresy, ahha. But important: Yes till ’90.  I was doing nightshifts in a factory when the première of this sucking black album was on air. The radio station played it song by song with lots of blabla in between. At each song introduction I thought “I know their formula a bit like; this can’t miss; a fast song is gonna happen NOW!”  It didn’t…

What do you think about the current situation at the grindcore scene? Has grindcore become mainstream?
I always dug the grind scene. From day one. Way cooler than any other scene, although I love all kinds of metal, hardcore, etc.  I think there is plenty of cool grindcore bands. Personally I think that mainstream is not the exact word, but if you are referring to bands such as Nails or Insect Warfare I would say “popular”.

Are you going to continue your label Fast & Furious Records?

I might. At this moment I am too busy on other things, but there are a few things I do wish to release in small quantities. Keep you posted…

Thank you very much for your time, I'm waiting for new MMM records, have a good luck with new recordings!

Thanks Andy! New songs in the make. Recordings starting early next year!! Cheers, S

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