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Interview with Erik and Esse from Överviolence!

I'm going to talk to every member of the loudest & fastest band from Sweden, Överviolence!!! Esse, Henrik and Erik they all all corrupting the common good on the same level,all right maybe Esse is the thard case, but I want to ask them about Crowpath, Sewn Shut, Widespread Bloodshed, Bäddat För Trubbel, Tellusian and Överviolence of course!

Hey Esse, Henrik and Erik, tell me honestly, did you guys dream about Tatras after our tour? I need to admit it was fucking great and I had a lot fun with you guys.
Esse: Helo Andy! Esse here, the tour was the best tour i've been on!! Great people and just as great gigs! Too bad we didnt get to go wolfsearching in the Tatras tho. I have already booked a returntrip and plan to stay there in the mountains for good only living off tatratea. 

Överviolence shreddin' in Krakow, pix shot by Justyna Kamińska

How do you feel after you came back home? Have you rested properly yet? After a 6-day tour with GADGET through the German, Czech, Slovakian and Polish borders, playing on the same stages along with SEPULTURA, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DANGERS, LOMA PRIETA, NERVOUS, PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SIX-SCORE, THE PUBLIC... everything looks like it was loud enough. After second show I was just waiting for Esse who wanted to ask only one question: "Was it loud enough?".
Erik: As wonderful as it is to get back home you miss the touring. It´s like a retarded parallell universe, the big issuse are food/beer/sleep. Luxury problems. For me personally the highligt was to play with Cannibal Corpse, that was a lot of fun and Corpsegrinder was as cool as i imagined. Me and Esse tried to talk about the Hateplow "Everybody dies" album with one of the guitarist since he was in that band but he was not too interested. Love that album. It's always super nice to hang out with the guys in Gadget as well, we have known each other for years and both bands are huge fans of the latest Morbid Angel album.

So is that your philosophy: "Make my guitar and vocals loud as fuck"? Sewn Shut, Widespread Bloodshed, Overviolence and Baddat For Trubbel... The list is long, all those bands have their style and are just fuckin' unique. Esse, is it because of different members and their different inspirations or was it your intention to create completely different stuff with each group?
Esse: Nah i guess  it's more like "why try to sound like some other band that's already done the same thing"?. And there's no point in trying to copy yourself. Once it's done and recorded it's done... i have no interrest in "sounding good" or something like that i just want it to be fast and in your face. Loud is always better because low is boring.
Henrik shreddin' in Krakow, pix shot by Justyna Kamińska
 Now I would like to talk a bit about Bäddat För Trubbel. I'm really curious about that band - your 3rd album is sold out, same with old ones. I felt your loud thrash punk heart every time I listen to Två sjundedelar av ett liv album and especially watching you live at Rundgång in Malmö show on youtube, this shit is catchy, it's good? I notice that sometimes you dont need a mic.
Esse: Well people here in sweden seems to like it alot and we've done some 100 gigs in our 6 years. Its pretty basic rock'n'rolll without the stupid solos and rock attitude. The lyrics are about everyday struggle with work and idiots and escape thru alcohol. I guess alot of swedes can relate to that. I dont write many songs for that band tho since i prefer to write songs in the rehearsal and the Bäddat för Trubbel rehearsals rarely lasts longer than 40 minutes so there's no time for that. In overviolence and all my previous bands we've always more or less just jammed the songs together in 3hourlong grindsessions.

I believe that you're a fan of Anal Cunt, I like all your stories.
Well Andy, we all enjoy the Anal Cunts alot and especially me like to tell stories, not saying that theyre always true,. You Andy are very good at twisting the truth into something interresting just as well.

Overfuckin'violence, when I talk to people, they usually ask me about tours, bands, music genres and music in general. When someone asks me about Overviolence, my answer is simple: Overviolence is fast and loud, it's Overviolence. What is Overviolence?
Erik: I think you nailed it. Short, fast and loud. More punk than metal. Overviolence is about having a good time together, avoiding complicated/boring stuff that you have been dealing with in previous bands. We have all been playing in bands since forever, yet we have absolutely no clue of what we are doing.
Esse: And it's just as much about the days off and the rehearsals and the "sit at eriks place and listen to fast music while drinking the horrible leftover alcohol that some relative forced upon him"-times beeing good as the live gigs. Usually everything sounds like shit anyway so no point in having a hangup on how one sounds as long as it's fast and loud. The short comes with the territory since long songs are stupid and worse than keyboards and christians.
Överviolence: Erik, Esse, Henrik. 2015

Esse's queen is Sabrina Salerno, so what is the concept for Fuck The King and who is that cutie from the cover? I thought your rude attitude is over and that you're going to leave in peace your boys in da hood but I see it is still about messing around with Massgrav, right? Do you want to say anything bad about them? Esse, feel free if you want.

Erik: Ha, that's Camilla Henemark. She used to be in a Swedish pop band called Army of lovers, went on to be a B-celebrity and had an affair with the King of Sweden...hence the title. We love massgrav as siblings so it's quite natural to poke em with a fiery stick from time to time. The next gig we do will for sure be with the Massgrav and we're talking every other week about it to make sure it happens soon and ends up fucking awesome.
Rapturous Expulsion 7"EP cover art, Nerve Altar.

Corrupting the Common Good / Violence.Drugs.Abuse.Repeat. what a nice title for 52 seconds song. This one will be released on Rapturous Expulsion 7 inch vinyl by Nerve Altar. It's going to be ready in the near future ,right? The part "Corrupting the Common Good" was also used as a slogan on Overviolence T-Shirt with Rohan Harrison' graphics and everything fits perfectly. How did you describe your idea to him? The same Rohan's art with boy who corrupting the common good for good is going to be a cover of you another upcomming 5 inch split with Expurgo. How did you find that really good brasilian grindcore band?
Erik: Yeah, Nerve Altar should have that 7" released this fall i think. Spela Snabbare also did the tape-version of the 7", came out really nice. I really dig Extortion and Rohans art so it was a no brainer. I had this idea and just wanted someone to draw it. Rohan did a great job as usual. I Think i just stumbeled upon Expurgo while checking out new grindcore bands online or something. Anderson is a super nice and easy going guy so it was no problem getting the stuff together. RSR should have the Massgrav/ Overviolence in the works.

Henrik and Erik, are you sure that you're not brothers? Crowpath, Tellusian, Overviolence are the only bands you play in and in every together. And each of them is very hard to categorize, I don't want to pigeonhole your music, but the same shit happened to Overviolence. At the end your're in the band with Esse, is it anything new or different for you?
Erik: Almost, Henrik had this hardcore and called Ormarr without me and I had this sludge band called Murinus and I'm also doing The Kuksugers without Henrik...so we are not completly joint together. We have known Esse for 15-something years and me and him have been jamming on and off through out the years, fastcore, noise, hardcore, metal and what not. Well, Esse is a very comfortable guy and we have totally adapted to his lifstyle of no stress. Overviolence is a very easy going band, we just do the fun parts of being in a band. We leave the boring stuff to the boring bands. 
Överviolence shreddin' in Wrocław, pix shot by: Andrzej Olechnowski/ cityfun24
In 4 years Crowpath released 3 albums: Red On Chrome for Earache 2004, Son Of Sulphur for Willowtip 2005, One With Filth for Candlelight 2008 and went on few tours, for example EU tour with your buddies from Sayyadina and US tour. I dont see on your list Nuclear Blast or Relapse but it's still top notch lables, so what was the reason to stop such a good band with so many different opportunities? It wasn't enough fun?
Erik: We hade a good ride for as long as it lasted but our guitarplayer did'nt wanna do it anymore and we did´nt wanna continue on with a new guitarplayer. It was a good time but for me i guess i knew that the u.s. tour would be the last one, we did some complicated stuff and i was struggling to come up with new musical ideas. I Think we ended Crowpath at the right time. That was that and it was fun.

With Tellusian you went on progressive path, it's thick as best polish zurek i ever eat. So when I come across such an opinion like "it sounds natural and it enhances the musicianship of the band. It is really a joy to hear this guys play music, really really inspiring." I'm very happy to feel the same thing. Do you have any good news about Tellusian?
Erik: Unfortunatley no good news. I had to drop out. Just couldn't find the time with work/ family/ taking care of Esse/ every day life in general. John who palyed guitar in Tellusian is a soundengineer so he has recorded a lot of the Overviolence stuff.
Överviolence shreddin'on Play Fast Or Don't festival
Are you excited about the first grindcore movie ever - Slave To The Grind - A Film About Grindcore, directed by Doug Brown, that is going to release 1th December 2017?  I'm wondering how much time he's going to spend with every band, who is going to be there, I have so many questions ahahahhaha How long should the movie about grindcore lasts for you? What 3 bands should be mentioned there according to you?
Esse: It sould be 30 seconds long, no more. My mandatory picks for a grindcore documentary would  be AxCx, Arsedestroyer and some other cool band...cripple bastards. We will not be in that documentary. We dont play grindcore, we play fast.

Okay, time is up, thank you for all!
Thank you andy and we hope to see you very soon again!! Hopefully next tour!!!

I read through their answers yesterday, think they've done such a good job that I don't need to fill in :)
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