piątek, 18 września 2015

Interview with Erik and Esse from Överviolence!

I'm going to talk to every member of the loudest & fastest band from Sweden, Överviolence!!! Esse, Henrik and Erik they all all corrupting the common good on the same level,all right maybe Esse is the thard case, but I want to ask them about Crowpath, Sewn Shut, Widespread Bloodshed, Bäddat För Trubbel, Tellusian and Överviolence of course!

Hey Esse, Henrik and Erik, tell me honestly, did you guys dream about Tatras after our tour? I need to admit it was fucking great and I had a lot fun with you guys.
Esse: Helo Andy! Esse here, the tour was the best tour i've been on!! Great people and just as great gigs! Too bad we didnt get to go wolfsearching in the Tatras tho. I have already booked a returntrip and plan to stay there in the mountains for good only living off tatratea. 

Överviolence shreddin' in Krakow, pix shot by Justyna Kamińska

środa, 2 września 2015

Interview with Shantia from My Minds Mine!

The news that Dutch My Minds Mine reunited cheered not only me, but also many old school grindcore geeks. My Minds Mine formed in 1995, broke up in 2002 and reformed in 2014, how great those news are! I decided to have a chat with Shantia Fardin, former and guitar player of  MMM, Blood I Bleed and owner of independent underground label Fast & Furious Records.

Hey Shantia, it's still hard to believe that I interview you as MMM. Tell me, what prompted you to return? Was Rosco's return to the band one of the reasons for comeback? Have you ever thought about reactivating MMM during the last 12 years after break-up?
Hey Andy! Thanks for the interest in the band. Well after MMM quit in 2002, soon afterwards Bato and me started Blood I Bleed. We were in touch with Ros, but not that much untill we found out he had serious throat/vocal cords  issues. Reason unknown according to doctors. Seriously. He is using one vocal cord only up till present day. After his recovery we wanted him back in the band and he soon joined. From time to time we played some MMM songs as well and years later we finally decided to do a full set under the MMM banner. So yeah, there have been thoughts of starting MMM again throughout the years.

Every time I'm listening to your 10 inch split with Head Hits Concrate I wonder where did you get those sensational samples from?

Haaha. At the time we loved this intro which is on the Pissed Happy Children LP “Pissed Playground” so we stole it. The outro is a tribute to Adrenalin o.d. who has this small sample on one of their records. We had Milan (sound guy of Sing Sing)  saying something similar but then referring to Head Hits Concrete.

pix shot by Rick Slagter