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Interview with Pete from Horsebastard.

Salmi from Noisebazooka came up with an idea to release 7 inch split with UK's HORSEBASTARD, it made me very excited and after their great show at Obscene Extreme Festival 2014, I was sure I sell all records within an hour. The split came out few weeks ago. Have you heard it already? Still don't? Wankers! This is one of the best audio violence splits I have ever released and that's why I'm going to ask those British fucks from Horsebastard about few things!

What kind of drugs inspired you to start a band with the name HorseBastard? I have to admit it's catchy and funny. Same as description of your music: Equestrian Blastcore. Could you explain your concept? Was it planned or all the ideas came to you spontaneously? I would try that horseshoe paper, where can I get it?
Incessant orb absorption and tasting the future. Well, that and the crucial factor of having a definite deadline for the band to be named by (i.e. playing a gig).. If you want a simple (al)chemical formula for it then: Drugs + Deadline = HorseBastard. Anyway, I've been reliably informed that before they settled on Horsey B (I joined August 2012) some of the other band-names they were pondering included, 'The Pregnant Leg' and 'She Found The Sock' so count yourselves lucky! Those Horseshoe Blotters will no doubt be popping up on Ebay and Discogs soon enough so keep your eyes peeled, though I've already heard of low grade bootlegs doing the rounds.. Typical! Equestrian blastcore just seemed an apt description for what we do and is our defining concept I suppose.. Play fast, chat shit and the rest will take care of itself.
Obscene Extreme 2013/ pix shot by Rafał Kotylak

Hearing your band name, I expected to find some equestrian fascination in your lyrics, but actually you focus on monotony of life and humanity's capacity for self destruction.You're not a joke band, what is your message?

I'd say that rather than focussing on those aspects of 21st century existence in particular, it's simply that we reflect those things in our music anyway just as we do in ourselves everyday. Yeah really it's more like just punning on animals in general for songtitle inspirations ('Through The Labra-door' , 'Giraffetermath' etc).. Though there's always room for a little more equestrian fascination.. While we're not a joke band we feel there's little to gain in perpetual po-facedness and no harm in trying to raise a baffled smile or two at least.. Plus a lot of the songs and ideas are based around our in-jokes and personal gibberish utterances anyway!

I know you wanted to release a split with Magpyes but it has never come out. Did you use the same songs on split with Noisebazooka or those are totally different records?
The songs on the split are brand new and let's face it, long overdue! The intial idea for the Magpyes record was for it to be a 4-way split LP but the other 2 bands exploded without recording anything and then Magpyes went on hiatus.. And now for the good news.. Magpyes and Horsey B are going to record brand new material sometime in the relatively near future for a split LP!

Horsebastard formed in 2011, after 4 years you have only 2 records, 10 inch Giraffetermath  and 7 inch split  with Noisebazooka. So my question is - are you so fuckin' lazy with writing new songs or too busy with other projects? 
Well now, you're forgetting the debut 'Equestrian Blastcore' session which was supposed to be used for the Magpyes and Fatal Nunchaku splits and it's subsequent reincarnations in mini cd-r/cd-r form for various tours etc! I'd like to say that it was simply having a high standard of quality control when it comes to writing new songs but I'm afraid your incisive deduction is at least partially correct! Also, Bob our original guitarist and principal songwriter moved to Shanghai in Feb 2013 which stalled things for a while training the other guys up for tours and shows. And not forgetting Reese and John's other band C.M.A. getting real active at the same time releasing their album and touring a lot! Oh yeah Me and Trip started another band called Chinsniffer (fast/slow/noise) in the meantime.. Is that enough excuses? Okay, it was the orbs what done it guv..
cover artwork by Christoph Schirmer
Now I see that in fact you were busy. 7 inch split  with Noisebazooka, nice piece of plastic, limited to only 220 copies. What is the secret of this release?
Thanks muchly, 'tis a fine circle indeed! The secret of this release is to never let Reese anywhere near the studio until the music is mostly recorded otherwise he will destroy you and everything you hold dear.

After I posted news about your split, many people got excited and gave very positive feedback, especially for a band with such a small number of releases. Are you aware that your blasts are so good? I love bands such as Discordance Axis and Gridlink so your music perfectly meets my expectations. Do you owe your current strong position at grindcore underground scene only to your music? Did people froum industry and friends help and support you?
Wow that's unexpected and nice to hear, thank you! Especially as you rightly say we only have a few releases.. Yeah man, I regularly play with Trip so I frequently get to hear the sweet sweet blasts and we all love D.A. a lot so that's reassuring! Well, we'd like to think it's mostly down to our music and the shows which we've played.. We've all organised shows off and on over the (10+) years as well as playing in bands and made a lot of friends in the process. So a network of friends and a bit of mutual support has definitely played a part! I'm still waiting for my industry contacts to get back to me unfortunately.

One of the most pleasant parts of being in a band is touring and having contact with fans? You have played already many shows. You were on European tour with Swedish INFANTICIDE, on UK's tour with OBLIVIONIZED, you gave great show at Obscene Extreme Festival and many more. What do you like the most about touring? I believe there was total moshin' madness at your shows. What do you hate the most? Lack of sleep, junkie food, litres of alcohol, intrusive groupies and other stuff - how do you survive it? Are you planning next tour soon?
There's always the odd exception, but yeah of course touring, playing and meeting friends old and new is a blast.. Those are the best things along with the many inevitable 'refreshments' necessary to keep us fuelled of course! There's not a lot to hate about touring really, don't get me wrong lots of things seem annoying at the time but you just end up laughing about them later (hopefully)! You've got to watch out for the odd balloonhead but that's what you do anyway.. We've been lucky as well, every band we toured with has been really nice.. Apart from IFTC obviously.. (Nah they were gentle, handsome and powerful too) We survive on sheer willpower and raw, rugged charisma obviously. And 'refreshments' though they help as much as they hinder.. Bob is back from China now and we've got some UK shows coming up including ChimpyFest.. After that we're going to concentrate on writing our LP and trying to play as many shows as possible including Europe schedules permitting of course.
pix shot by Christopher James Ryan Photography

An integral part of the touring are afterparties and parties in general. What did you enjoy the most? Do you have any crazy story to share? I've heard some nice stories about fridge full of awesome Belgian beers and results of tasting Absinth in Czech Republic. Would you like to tell a little bit more?
Totally agree, absolutely integral to touring and life in general in fact! We enjoyed it all as much as we possibly could.. Ah yes, the fridge full of amazing Belgian beers after the show in Ostend. After consuming a goodly portion of which I became a trifle disoriented and disorderly (by all accounts), luckily I was swiftly and physically escorted to bed by a large, firm but friendly Swedish man.The Absinth at OEF made Trip fall through a table, destroyed us all and was largely responsible for us getting lost for hours on our way back to the hostel.. On our first tour with IFTC a guy showed us a video on his phone of him glassing himself in the face then kept inviting us into the toilets.. The last tour we did round the UK with Cancerous Womb and Endless Swarm we were attacked in the van by a drug crazed individual dressed in a tiger suit and his sinister accomplice etc etc.

It is not easy to get good and especially healthy food on tour. But do you have any favourite local specialty or did you try something that will stay forever in your mind? What was the crappiest thing you got?
In the UK it's always a pain and the crappiest thing to get is the usual nothing at all! But in Europe, we'd generally hit up falafel places and the odd supermarket in the day and get a meal at the show in the night.. Best thing was all the vegan food at OEF but especially the tofu burgers with homemade chili sauce, must've ate 6 or 8 of those bad bad boys over the course of the day.

Horsebastard performing at Obscene Extreme Festival 2013
UK grindcore scene become now stronger than ever. You have Human Cull, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Get's Worse, Atomçk, Krupskaya, Evisorax...and even your own festival Chimpy. What happened that all these underground bands stepped out of Napalm Death and Carcass shadow? For a while it was quiet at the English underground grindcore scene.
It's in rude health that's for sure, I could also mention Famine, Endless Swarm, Boak, Lugubrious Children, Nothing Clean, Mangle, Joythief, Project Mess and Magpyes etc etc Chimpy is hands down the best blast fest in the UK nowadays, keeping the flag of fastness flying through it all.. Most of the bands you've mentioned there have been going between 3 and 10 years so I think there's always been a few good bands doing their thing whether that's been in isolation or as part of the underground scene. As for stepping out of the shadow of Napalm and Carcass I think most UK bands see the need to go beyond a simple regurgitation of the two and prefer to mine their own seam of influences and idiosyncrasies anyway.. And it goes hand in hand with underground music being more accessible in general, the good stuff will get heard and shared.

Currently, thanks to bandcamps, facebook and social media in general, access to grindcore is unlimited. Do you have your favorite site or application for searching new stuff, looking for inspiration and just enjoying music? Where do you promote Equestrian Blastcore privately?
Unlimited as long as you can afford a computer and bandwidth! No favourites, just the ones you've mentioned really. You'd have to contact us privately to hear about those particular promotions I'm afraid..

I have to admit that together with Noisebazooka you did a great job, thanks for that! Good luck!
We're really grateful to Noisebazooka and to you and EDH for everything you've done for us thanks again and hope to see ya on the road!

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