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Interview with Moshfred from MINDFLAIR & BITTERNESS EXHUMED.

It's my first interview since many many years when I was making a fanzine. It's my label blog and I decided to make interviews with my label bands and not only. Today I will talk to Moshfred, vocalist of the Mindflair, guitar player of Bitterness Exhumed, vocalist and drummer of Unlearned (rip) and Kent Brockman (rip). 
pix shot by Stephan Langerwisch

Hey Moshfred, please explain us how did you get your nickname? It's because you're fuckin' crazy and mad playing live?

Haha, no. First at all, it wasn´t my fault. Friends of mine gave me this nickname in the middle of the 80´s cause of growing my hair and bad musictaste :D

Mindflair isn't a typical grindcore band with blast beats. You mix a lot of different elements taken from crust, punk, powerviolence, death metal, fastcore, and sludge of course. Do you do this on purpose?
Is this your vision of how grindcore should be? Can you describe your music in few words? I'm asking because as your publisher I had a problem with this ahahahah Do you think the grindcore has some definite limits?
We were always listening to extreme stuff but mostly we missed the typical Righteous Pigs grooves. So we decided to do our own band and mixed all the stuff we dig. Within the time the Mindflairsound was born. We always did and do what we want, give a shit about bad reviews and continue this as long as possible. It isn´t or wasn´t the plan to get liked by lots of people and being famous. We just wanted to entertain ourselves & having a great time together. All the rest is a cool side effect.
We call our music grinding violence but it´s just a direction. For me it´s grindcore. If it´s fast, aggressive & with attitude, it´s not necessary to create a special word. I don´t like that stereotyped thinking. I would describe Mindflair as grindcoreband picked with powerviolence-, crust,-sludge, - & grooveparts.

I am very curious about what has happened with Mindflair during to last 10 years? After two great albums Green Bakery and Stagnation for french Bones Brigade you completely disappeared from the underground scene, why?

Not completely. We still played gigs at this time. Power-It-Up released a split 7” with Sanitys Dawn and being a part of the Tribute to Repulsion comp. But you´re right! It was a little quiet around us. One of us got a new job, moved 200km far away and this was hard for writing new songs together. Only one practice in a month is too less and mostly we rehearsed the whole set and didn´t had the time to make new ones.
scourge of mankind cover artwork by Sergio Black

Is 2015 the most important year for Mindflair? Not only because the Scourge Of Mankind album, but also because of your comeback. What prompted you to record a new album? Do you think your music is now better understood? Green Bakery (2002) and Stagnation (2005) were released in different times, that's for sure, but feedback was great, anything has changed during to those 10 years at the underground scene?

Not more important than other years. For us it isn´t a comeback, more a good feeling to have a new output. It hasn´t to do with a better understanding or whatever, just had enough worth songs to record.

Scourge Of Mankind is still brand new album, released short time ago. Now available on CD, vinyl, tape, digital. Everything has been prepared very carefully and with taste, do you have any expectations associated with it?

Our main expectation was satisfied with releasing it on vinyl, haha. We also got a great response and hopefully get the chance to play more gigs. It´s the main thing for us to play shows, hanging out with friends, getting new ones, listening & supporting other bands and having a great time together.

What about shows and tours? Are you planning anything? I think bands during live shows only prove their worth, I saw you live, so I know what you are capable of, but what about the hundreds of people who did not have such an opportunity? Both your actual bands, Mindflair and Bitterness Exhumed, are stronger than ever of course, did you think about going on tour together?

Yes, we had a plan for doing a short tour together but it´s always hard to get holiday for everyone at the same time. We are working on it! Hopefully, we could it make upcoming spring/ summer with both bands or seperate.

pix shot by Stephan Langerwisch
I need to ask you about one thing, how the hell you find my label? The other labels who co-released Scourge Of Mankind are German, so I believe you know them personally for years. I want to thank you very much brother for letting me be a part of Mindflair history.

No, we have to thank you my friend! Sure, I know the other guys/ labels for a long time and it´s always a pleasure to work with friends. I know your label also for a long time through scrolling the internet and reading your logo on several outputs.

You are a multi-instrumentalist, did you ever think about setting up your own one-man project? Imagine such a project, how would you describe it?

Not a multi-instrumentalist, maybe an all-instruments in a reheasalroom amateur, haha. Music is my life and I love to try everything. Sure, I could also try to do a one-man project but I prefer to do it with friends. It´s not only the result, it´s the feeling to share while creating.

Your the most active bands now are Mindflair and Bitterness Exhumed, what about Unlearned and Kent Brockman?
Kent Brockman splitted up in 2004 in case of some differents between the guitarist & bassist. The bassist left the band and Chris (also bassist in Mindflair) tried to learn the songs but a few weeks after,the guitarist left aswell. So we decided to stop. We stopped directly before the recording of another full-length which was really sad. I recorded some of the songs by my own and Seb (Kent Brockman/ Bitterness Exhumed Vocalist) did the vocals. Rohnny of W.i.f.a.g.e.n.a. and Bert of Bizarre X heard the songs and wanted to an LP. Sadly we lost some of the recordings and had only 7 songs left which landed on a split 7” with Bloodred Bacteria. Cause of the ruined band and everything what happened, we decided to release it as Ruined instead of Kent Brockman.
Unlearned has a break aswell. Since Chris moved, we only have the time for one band. This is the bill to pay, when you always be in incest bands, haha.

Let's talk about Bitterness Exhumed, you co-founded this band in 2011. I know your new split with OPTIMIST, but I have never heard about this band before. So how the hell did you start a hardcore/ powerviolence band?

When we (Seb and me) started this band, it was more in the sludgy/ dissonant way. It´s always a pleasure to make music with him. I wanted to play guitar and make something different. It wasn´t the intension to release something, just doing. Seb programmed the drumcomputer, I played guitar and he did the vocals. Friends of us had a studio, where we recorded the songs. After the recording session (doomridden) we got a big response of friends. Matt of Ecocentric released it and after, we got a real drummer, second guitarist and bassist. The following releases were a 7” (s/t-A.) ,two own 12” (A place of many ghosts and Desperate & miserable- A.) and the split 12” with Optimist. Within the time, the songs became shorter and faster but as you know, we do what we want, haha.

Do you follow grindcore underground? What do you think about what is happening at the scene currently? Have you discovered recently bands that you would like to recommend? Personally, I think in recent times it is really hard to find young recommendable bands, but I found such wonders as Fiend, Coffin Birth and Horsebastard, do you know them?
Sure, I know and like them! In the internet age, it´s more easy to find new bands. I like to do “bandcamp hopping”, which means, to jump from one site to another. There are so many great bands around and it´s always a pleasure to find another one. The same thing happens at gigs or being on the other side of a split & compilations. Some new bands I really dig are : Cpt. Caveman, Ill Neglect, Bleak, Society Prison Complex, Svffer, Optimist, Sickmark, Nervous Mothers, Lifespite, Implore, Cruel Friends, Life of Refusal … (to name a few)

So what next? I have already listened to new Mindflair songs and those are really good ones.

Thx a lot! We really appreciate! We like the songs and the sound also (would be bad, if not!). List for now is playing shows, having fun and making new stuff.
LP Recordingsession 2014/ Parabol Audio

You're one of the few people that know Obscene since the first edition. In which you played with Mindflair? How it was? Did you enjoy gambrinus and goulash soup?  
Yes, I know Curby since the Wee Lewaat Festival in Zichem (small Fest which was running by Agathocles) and so we knew about the Obscene Fest since the beginning (1999). It was THE happening of every single year! You drive around 750 km to meet the same people everytime, haha. It was always a family meeting and we enjoyed it a lot. At the beginning we made jokes about it, how big it will be in a few years, but it seemed that this was the truth. I think we went to the OEF for 10 times and in 2001 (3rd edition), 2004 and 2010 we got the chance to play, drink as hell and used the gulas soup bons/ tickets for more pivo, haha. Fun times!

I wish you another excellent recordings and successful concerts! Keep the grindcore underground alive! Thank you for your support and trust!

Thx for the interview & support! Thx to all the distros/ labels for releasing & spreading our crap and to all people, who supported us in any way! If you want to have us in your area, don´t hesitate to contact us.


möshfred & mindflair

........................ end :)
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